Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Michigan: McCain's and Romney's Alamo?

Special thanks to Kevin Tracy at who initiated this graphic. He did, however, leave McCain off when it comes to the Michigan race. As we all know, Michigan voted for McCain in 2000, and fresh off a NH win, McCain is a player. I am predicting that Rudy will not win in Michigan, and it is currently up to three candidates to take: Huckabee, Romney, McCain.

If McCain and Romney lose to Huckabee in Michigan, they both stand little chance of success in SC and Florida, let alone Super Tuesday. As such, this is their last stand.

However, If McCain takes Michigan, he and Huckabee will likely battle it out in a last-man-standing event in SC. Winner will most likely take all.

Should Mitt Romney take the top spot in Michigan, he and Huckabee will battle it out in SC, where it will likely be Huckabee's last stand. Should Huckabee lose to Mitt in SC, Mitt will have to battle Rudy in Florida. So Mitt is down, but not out... though he is out $20 Million with little to show for.

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