Thursday, January 24, 2008

Political Spin Post Fred Thompson

There has been much speculation about where the "Fred-Heads" will be going now that Thompson is out of the race. I have heard a lot of vocal and angry supporters of Fred who will want nothing to do with Huckabee... These are most likely the individuals who fought the Huckabee supporters so hard back when Huck was at 2% and the Huckamaniacs were chomping at the bit to get a piece of Fred Thompson, who was stealing Huck's spot as the only social conservative in the race.

Things have sure changed since last July!

But I had to comment on one report that I just saw, which was BOASTING that Fred Thompson supporters were flocking to Mitt Romney. In this post, it was stated that in California, 30% of Thompson supporters identified that Romney was their 2nd choice.

The spin, is that they are NOT reporting that 70% of Thompson supporters in California are NOT supporting Romney as their 2nd choice.

This is all political fun and fluff... but I just had to call 'em on it! 30 < 70 ... nothing to boast about!


  1. Sounds like you are still campaigning for Huckabee

  2. I read this article. Since I respect you and your views, please point out in this article where it specifically says that 70% of Fredheads don't support Mitt Romney.

  3. Anonymous: No. The post is not a pro-huckabee post. It is a political puff piece in response to the anti-huckabee comments that I have seen frequenting some of the pro-huckabee sites I visit regularly. And it discusses the interesting spin that goes into a 30% majority.

    MR: If 30% of those repsonding said Mitt is their 2nd, then 70% did not answer that way. That does not mean that 70% went to another candidate, or that they will not go to Mitt at some point. It is plain and simple math. 100% polled individuals breaks into 30% with Mitt at the #2 spot leaves 70% with Mitt not at the #2 spot... based on the numbers you posted.

    Look... I understand political spin... but don't get all spun up about the numbers when they are simple... 30 < 70. Thirty is a good number, but 70 is gooder :)

  4. As one of those Fred Thompson supporters, I can assure you that the majority of us would never vote for Huckabee...we will either go with a write in ballot for Fred or possibly the least contemptable of the remaining candidates, which to many would be Mitt. So, I wouldn't put too much into the remaining votes going to Huck. See...many of us have done our research on all candidates before having decided on Fred and Huckabee is a corrupt liar.

  5. No conservative who understood Fred's message could possibly support one of the four RINO's.

    Consider your options carefully for the next election after you've finally looked at these clown's records;

    Candidate Research - Know Who You're Voting For ( The Easy Way )

  6. Anonymous - I knew you were a Fred Thompson supporter... And like I said in the post, a lot of guff from the original fred-Heads is always going to be there about Huckabee. In fact, I am sure that it is going to be there with any candidate.

    The Primary process allows us to rally behind our candidates for "causes" or "beliefs" that we share with leaders in our own party. Should Huckabee not be YOUR second choice, to say that "I wouldn't put too much of the remaining votes going into Huckabee" seems like a personal opinion. I have seen Thompson supporters shift support to ALL candidates, and even some who have decided to sit the rest of the Primary out. This is all fair, and their decision (yours as well).

    The long and the short of it is that this post points out political spin being used by some to appear that a majority of Thompson support is going to Fred... but based on this one poll, 30% is not a majority... as much as the new Mitt-heads are spinning it that way... As a numbers guy, I see "70% do not support Mitt as a solid 2nd choice"...

    This is an observation of political spin, with no emphasis on any one candidate but Fred Thompson who is no longer in the race.

    I wish You would at least provide a name so I knew what to call you. Anonymous is just so, well, anonymous!