Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Commentary on Polls - Huckabee and McCain Running Mates?

Mike Huckabee brought us the Huckaboom in late November, and provided the media a new candidate to highlight... one that was well spoken, articulate, and about as funny as grandpa when he starts telling 'them old jokes'.

And with the Huckaboom came the Romney attacks. Mitt Romney began releasing attacks via campaign ads, talking mouths such as Hugh Hewitt, glen Beck, and Rush Limbaugh. Huckabee's numbers began to fall... and once they did, Romney's numbers followed suit.

This led to the McCain resurgence... December ended with McCain picking up the pieces of his once 'all for not' campaign, and has begun making some headway. This is mainly fueled by his momentum in New Hampshire, where he has overtaken Romney in the Granite State.

And with the McCain Resurge came the Romney attack ads. Mitt Romney is waging war with anyone who is challenging his war-chest. The problem with this tactic is that Romney is left going for broke. If he does not win the nomination, he will surely not be chosen as a VP because of his less than friendly tactics.

On the other hand, it seems that the Huckaboom dwindling numbers are flowing NOT into Romney's camp, rather into McCain's camp. If you look at the RCP polls, you will notice this trend. Romney has stalled again below 15% nationally. The undecideds and Rudy supporters helped fuel the Huckaboom, and now that folks found an excuse to get off the Rudy Express, they are hesitant to get back on board, opting to throw their support behind one of the other candidates.

What would be interesting for the RCP to show is the candidate "Unknown/Unsure"... That category has dominated / plagued GOP candidates all season long.

What is interesting is that McCain and Huckabee supporters in this stage of the game seem to be one in the same. And with the two campaigns making extra efforts to speak highly of the other throughout the race, one may begin to ask if a Huckabee/McCain ticket is not too far off... or McCain/Huckabee, depending on how this month plays out.

Personally, If Huckabee gets the nomination, it may benefit him to give the nod to a woman or minority leader in the GOP, thus taking away the cat-call of the Clinton supporters of "look at their field of candidates... all white males". Of course I understand that it is NEVER gender or skin color that makes the character of a person... perhaps Hillary should spend some time listening AND hearing the words of MLK Jr.

Then again, if Huck does get the nomination, it may benefit him to pull in the help of someone who has a LOT of experience and is well known.

So a Huckabee / McCain ticket would put up one hell of a fight! Though I can already foresee another fight with them on immigration... but no-one is perfect!


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