Thursday, January 24, 2008

I KEEL You - a Fatwa against Bin Laden and others

I was checking the Fox News headlines and was inspired by what I saw to write this post. A Muslim Cleric issued a Fatwa against a Bollywood actor for having a Wax Statue made in his likeness.
Mufti Salim Ahmad Qasmi, a Muslim cleric in India, issued the fatwa, saying the
statue is illegal according to the Sharia, which forbids depictions of all
living creatures, Mohammad in particular. A mufti is a Muslim scholar who
interprets the Sharia, or the religious law of Islam; a fatwa is a legal opinion
or ruling handed down by an Islamic scholar.
So, I got to thinking about how literal you could take these Islamic laws... and I began thinking about the strictest sense of creating a depiction of a living thing... Now, we all see that it includes wax statues of men... anyone watching Afghanistan in the 90's saw the Buddhist Statues destroyed, so stone statues are out. Apparently paintings including any living thing are out too... and most importantly, no cartoons of Muhammad!

But what about photos? How is taking a photo of someone and hanging it on the wall any different than painting that same person's likeness and hanging it on the wall?

And if Photos are then outlawed, should videos be allowed... videos are simply a series of photos strung together and run back at a high rate!

I am not a "muslim scholar", so according to Sharia, I cannot issue a fatwa... but what the hey... I'll do it anyway...

Osama bin Laden... BAM - Fatwa... for all your videos. Your creation of your own likeness has caused idolatry for you and your efforts of jihad. For this, I sentence you to death.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - BAM - Fatwa... for the many photos of you in the papers, and videos of your many useless speeches in which you attempt to gain support in the coming war against the United States.

Tom Cruise - BAM - Fatwa... for the Scientology video that I can't go a day without hearing someone talk about, and your many movies that have raised you to Idol status, especially Rain Man... that was a good one... but Fatwa nonetheless.

Hey... this is fun! Depending on how I decide to interpret Sharia Law, I can call for the death of all these people, and I am not responsible if some crazy follower goes out and takes action!

***Note, This posting is intended to offend! I am mocking the very logic and reason of the Muslim Clerics, who call for the killing of an actor on the basis that he allowed a wax sculpture to be made in his likeness. It is ridiculous!

And to finish it off... enjoy this: I KEEL YOU!

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