Tuesday, January 22, 2008

California Preaching Islam in 7th Grade Public Schools - ACLU nowhere to be found

Hat tip to ARRA andBob Unruh, WorldNetDaily.

As I was reading this article, I found myself increasingly willing to stand in revolution against California, against the ACLU, and against political correctness which is destroying the very fabric of our society.

I want to discuss society, for a moment. Society is best described as a grouping of individuals which is characterized by common interests and may have distinctive culture and institutions. We are a society of freedom, a society of life, and a society which includes family, friends, and even faith. By faith, I mean that we were founded on the principles of a natural God, a Creator, and it was believed that a free society could exist only with the moral code of natural law (God's Law).

Since our inception, we have struggled to better define what the purpose of this great experiment really was... and since our inception, there have been those who have attempted to tear us down.

Our enemy, first and foremost, is the ACLU. The ACLU is on a quest to destroy the moral fiber of this nation, and put in it's place a politically correct utopia where we are free to discuss issues as they see fit... issues that do not include Christianity, weapons, or life.

What their campaign of political correctness is actually doing is eroding OUR society, and putting in it's place a series of other societies... other beliefs, other moral codes, other distinct institutions... all in the name of Political Correctness.

But now, now they have gone too far. In California, they have a textbook which is disguised as a History Book of Medieval Times and beyond, which is nothing more than an attempt to introduce an argument for Islam in the world. Bob Unruh, of the World Net Daily, explains: "It makes an attempt to seem like an egalitarian world history book, but on closer inspection you find that seven (not all are titled so) of the chapters deal with Islam or Muslim subjects"

We are now teaching Muslim history to our 7th graders in California... a biased history favoring the struggle of Islam against the West.

Evidence of this bias can be seen in a direct passage from the book:

The word jihad means "to strive." Jihad represents the human struggle to overcome difficulties and do things that would be pleasing to God. Muslims strive to respond positively to personal difficulties as well as worldly challenges. For instance, they might work to become better people, reform society, or correct injustice.

Jihad has always been an important Islamic concept. One hadith, or account of Muhammad, tells about the prophet's return from a battle. He declared that he and his men had carried out the "lesser jihad," the external struggle against oppression. The "greater jihad," he said, was the fight against evil within oneself. Examples of the greater jihad include working hard for a goal, giving up a bad habit, getting an education, or obeying your parents when you may not want to.

Another hadith says that Muslims should fulfill jihad with the heart, tongue, and hand. Muslims use the heart in their struggle to resist evil. The tongue may convince others to take up worthy causes, such as funding medical research. Hands may perform good works and correct wrongs.

Sometimes, however, jihad becomes a physical struggle. The Quran tells Muslims to fight to protect themselves from those who would do them harm or to right a terrible wrong. Early Muslims considered their efforts to protect their territory and extend their rule over other regions to be a form of jihad. However, the Quran forbade Muslims to force others to convert to Islam. So, non-Muslims who came under Muslim rule were allowed to practice their faiths."

Imagine a textbook in which we chronicled Jesus' teachings, discussing how Jesus described struggle... imagine a 7th grade class in which the textbook quotes the history of the Bible, or describes the historical accuracies of the Bible... imagine a text book describing the historical significance and accuracy of the Old Testament. Simply put, it would never happen...

Not only that it would not happen, it would be decried as church issues in a state school!

But I take this one step further... California is now not only teaching Islam to it's students... it is teaching it in a "flowers and candy" way, making the religion appealing, by directly including incomplete passages, thus leading to a conclusion that is a blatant LIE about the religion.

Enough is enough! If you want religion out of school, then take ALL religion out of school... don't replace Christianity with Islam!

And if you want to discuss history, discuss facts. Discuss historical truths that can be verified! Whole truths, verifiable truths...non-biased truths!

No more two Americas! We need to STOP agenda based organizations fighting to destroy this country! The ACLU is the worst enemy of America, the enemy to true freedom. The enemy to civilized society! And the enemy to logic and reason.


  1. Why we were forced to leave Christianity and become Muslim?


  2. You're an idiot. California is fighting ignorance like yours. Not only is learning about our world's religion necessary to create a peaceful future but it is also essential in trying to create respect and knowledge for all people. If you did your research you would find that Christianity is taught in 6th grade along with Buddhism, Daoism and Islam. I for one will be glad when our next generation knows a hell of a lot more than yours does

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