Monday, January 7, 2008

SCANDAL on Romney & FoxNews - Update NO

UPDATE: Turns out that this guy was there for voting trend. Though there seems to be some back story on this, I feel that it is unlikely that this entire room of voters would be undecided, and then ALL come out for Romney... Chalk it up to MSM paranoia, I suppose! This is me eating Crow! Thanks for the comments and information on this story!

After the Fox News Presidential Forum in NH yesterday, Frank Luntz's had a panel of undecided voters who were supposed to have been watching the debate and then provide some feedback.

I felt what we in the Quality Engineering world call the "pinch", the feeling you get when something doesn't seem right, when all the voters where undecided coming in, and 98% for Romney after the debate... that, with the harsh things they had to say about Huckabee's performance was more than enough for me to say... hmmm....

Behold... FoxNews has been caught Red Handed:

Turns out that there is a Paid Actor??? who appeared twice, in two different random groups of undecided voters... Both debates occured in NH, but the random group of undecided voters seems to have a little consistency with whom they pick... in fact, so consistent that they choose the same people... is this true?

What the heck are they doing!


  1. This, plus the shutout of Ron Paul even though he has more supporters than Giuliani or Thompson, is showing people what a stain on America FOX News is.

    You should check out the footage of Paul's supporters chasing Sean Hannity through the streets demanding to know why their candidate can't get on his network.

    The cowardice of this slinking, lying slug is wonderful to watch.

  2. Looks like this may be a jump to the wrong conclusions, I found out that people do appear in the focus groups multiple times to track their votes. You can check out what I found here:

    Fox News Loading Their “Focus Group” With Actors? - Update: No

    They use them multiple times to track trends, there are no paid actors nor is there anything deceptive about it.

  3. Luntz gave a somewhat plausible answer to this charge ... but, I still call BS. I just don't buy the "voting trend" excuse.

    I posted my thoughts here after watching that display by Luntz. I agree with your opinion and "MSM paranoia" ... you know, it's not really paranoia if they are actually after you. ;-)

  4. The funny thing is, I was just telling Katie and my parents yesterday that it seems like FOX favors Romney over the other Repub. candidates. Just a weird feeling I got when watching the different shows (O'Reilly, Hannity, & especially Brit Hume), but all of the mentions of Romney were positive, and all of the Huckabee & Giuliani comments were slanted negatively.

    Why do you think FOX favors the candidate who is arguably the most liberal among the bunch (based upon his views prior to positioning himself for a prez run)?

  5. Jason - that is what I cannot figure out. But it seems that so many people had bet on this dark horse, and now that he has choked up on the trail, they are spinning for him. Fx news was for Rudy until Rudy started falling in the polls, then it was their number two, I suppose. My question is two fold: What are they going to do now that Romney has spent nearly $20 Million and been dealt two losses, and Are they going to be able to support Huckabee once he sweeps through Michigan, SC, and Florida... and eventually Super Tuesday (he is currently 2nd in California!)... They have nothing but negitivity for him... and everyone else but romney... so can they turn around and change the story once their Republican version of John Kerry is toasted?