Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Pot calling the Kettle... well...

The Pot, in this case, is clearly a racist, for the pot has called the kettle black - a clear "White hooded" technique that should make all Kettles fear, and rise up in support of Health care...

You see what I did there... Now, if you don't support health care reform (Obamacare) you are no better than a white hooded racist ready to ride the countryside intimidating people. Take the following example of Democrat Hank Johnson - to question the President and Democratic lies over the healthcare bill and the loopholes for illegals, we are at risk of a KKK resurgence:

I cannot make this stuff up! It is so scary how real it is... and it seems to never end!

So we say amongst ourselves - Just Fire that Democrat Hank Johnson - he is a clear race baiting politician aimed at dividing this country on some imaginary claim of racism.

But it goes deeper than that. Former President Jimmy Carter now determined to convince Americans that Joe Wilson's "YOU LIE" statement was clearly motivated by race.

This is what I think of racism.

Why this overwhelming push for classifying any protester or dissenter of the President, the Democratic platform, or the Socialist agenda as RACIST?

Simple - they force the dissenters into "proving the negative"... at least that is their intent.

For example, two men decide to have a debate about healthcare. The first man gives an opening statement like this:
"Government sponsored healthcare is not only a right, but essential to the people living in the inner city with low income and a general inability to cover any healthcare costs. To deny these people equal access to healthcare is to deny them the right to life. Without free healthcare, the people of the inner city are being sentenced to 'genocide by omission'. My opponents steadfast protest of providing free healthcare is clearly motivated by a support of the ideal that the people of the inner city aren't worthy of saving based solely on their race. His lack of respect for the people of this race make his protest not only a sad mark on our society, but an immoral one."

The second man may have a prepared opening statement, but no one wants to hear it... they want to hear him defend himself against these charges of racism and support of genocide. In fact, if he doesn't defend himself his opponent will openly admit that his lack of denial is an acknowledgement of his underlying racist tendencies...

Before you know it, the citizenry are confused... "are we listening to a debate about healthcare, or are we listening to an argument about racial superiority?"

We knew this would happen... that any dissent with this president would be seen as racist in nature, consciously racially motivated, or even indicative of our subconscious racial ideals unaware even to us... WOW... that is deep... there is no way around it, we are all secretly or subconsciously racist!

Listen... I hope people are catching on to this and it is not just me. I hope that as the left continues to throw the charges of racism at the right on every issue of dissent that people will open their eyes to this tactic and understand the lies and filth that keep the Democratic engine running.

Perhaps, however, if the lie is told enough the sheeple will believe it...

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  1. The Clinton years proved to us that if you tell the big lie often enough, it creates its own reality & is perceived as truth by those with their eyes willingly closed. The current administration makes the Clintons look amateurish, by comparison.

    Rather than hammering a few lies, the current crowd spews hundreds of lies in all directions, confounding and confusing those who would point out the falsehoods. In a better-late-than-never mode, the conservatives now seem to have caught on, and are taking the lies a few at a time, in segments of the population, so that more are exposed, and more truth is revealed.

    Let's hope it catches on.