Monday, May 5, 2008

Racism 101 - Professor Rev. J. A. Wright

Obama's estranged Reverend offered an interesting perspective into the racist mind, while attempting to explain the differences (not deficiencies) of the African "race" versus the "European Race".

Professor Wright suggested that it was the fault of the system of education, and the system of society that is the core problem for the African-American population in the United States. He suggested that it is a right brain versus a left brain issue... where the African ethnicity is pre-programmed to use their right brain, and society established by "White's" has been set up with a focus on left brain logic needed for success...

Pardon me while I vomit.


That anyone in 2008, especially someone with a mouthpiece to the world, can get away with this type of thinking makes me sick.

To claim that people are different SOLELY based on their skin color is the mentality that has kept the racial divide alive in this country. It is a mentality that is IGNORANT and FALSE.

Reverend J.A. Wright is ignorant.

Each person, black/white/yellow/red, has the same opportunity to learn, based on their genetic dispositions... if you are born with a genetic deficiency that inhibits your ability to learn (such as some form of mental retardation), then you have clearly significant variation in ability. Other than that, there is no difference in one's ability to educate themselves! ESPECIALLY not based on skin color!

For those of you not in the know, Rev Wright gave some examples of how White and Black are different: Whites listen to music in 4/4 time and hear the 1 and 3 beat, while Blacks listening to the same music hear the 2 and 4 beat. Here is a little music video proving the point:

Here is the original footage:

I am continually shocked at the racist, blatantly ignorant, and incredibly ridiculous things that folks like Wright say... and not just say, but believe... but not just believe, but Teach and Preach!

If there was any question as to what true racism looked like, watch the above video again... What ever happened to the integrity of Civil Rights leaders? Was Dr. King an anomaly in the African American community?

King believed that all were CREATED EQUAL... He had a dream that the future of our nation would consist of people... not people of color... unfortunately for us, the reality is starkly different from King's dream...

When leaders of the African American community make excuses, instead of taking action to make results, the Dream has died.

When these same leaders form caucuses in congress based on the color of one's skin... the Dream has died.

When these same leaders can, to a cheering crowd of thousands of like-skinned listeners, mock or degrade another skin color... the Dream has died.

Watching the video of Rev. Wright addressing the NAACP, all cheering the degradation of "white friends", listening to the anger and ignorance in the speakers and the crowd... I have to ask the question: Is the Dream Dead?

Why don't I ever hear about "clapping discrepancies" between the races in the United Kingdom?

And furthermore (my favorite question), If a "black" in America is considered an African-American, what is a "black" in London?

Answer: British.

The point of the question: Aren't we all Americans? Can't we all BE Americans?

The solution: Teach personal responsibility. Offer equal opportunity to all Americans (not equal outcome). Treat one another with mutual respect. Live, and let live.

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