Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Center for Freedom & Prosperity: Evidence Against Big Govt

Another great video by the CFP! This 6 minute video is no brain-buster, rather it is another simple way to destroy a Liberal's argument in favor of bigger government and programs like Obamacare. Short and sweet, our government is causing our economic stagnation... basically 9%-10% of GDP being used for govt spending is the optimal amount for maximum economic growth, which means more wealth for all. Anything more stagnates growth due to bureaucracies, anything less stagnates due to anarchy...

Some government is good - for the purpose of defense of personal property and our way of life...

ENOUGH of the "Entitlement" mentality... we are not entitled to anything... a fundamental lesson from the bible - reap what you sow! Those who sow no seeds reap no harvest!

Enjoy the video, and share it with your liberal friends!

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