Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Nation of Cowards" - AG Holder's Racism Sickens Me

"Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards," The words of our Attorney General, who sums up his statement roughly as the workplace is largely integrated but Americans still self-segregate on the weekends and in their private lives, claiming that we live in "race-protected cocoons."

Where, oh, where do I start.

Let's start with the NAACP - the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. A racist organization aimed at the advancement of a certain...

No... let's start by discussing the disgusting word, "RACE".

What "race" am I? I have light toned skin, but an ancestry of European, Cherokee, Iroquois, Blackfoot, Chickasaw, Mohawk, Huron, and my research may have revealed African lineage as well... so, Mr Holder - label me! Because I "look white" to you, you must assume that I am "White" or "Caucasian" - but how am I Caucasian when my ancestors are not from the Caucus Region of Western Asia? How do you define me by my "whiteness".


I belong to the HUMAN RACE. Skin color does not define me. HOWEVER, social status and my achievements and accomplishments, despite my hardships, DOES define me. And it defines the people with whom I choose to associate.

My neighbors are predominantly light toned skin, not that I care one bit... but what we ALL have in common is a lifestyle that we choose to live - middle class, suburb, family raising and safe type neighborhood. We have block parties, house parties, and barbecues - all "skin colors" are invited... we are a community - a family.

Holder's comments, which are ignorantly applauded by the NAACP, are "racist" hate-filled comments, showing general contempt for upper and middle class light-tones, who he feels are creating some slum in which darker tones are forced to live.

If you want to talk about segregation, talk about it in a manner of something which anyone gives a damn about - not skin tone, rather social status and level of achievement. Keep your ignorance to yourself... I don't need the lecture of stupidity.

I choose not to "hang out on the weekends" in inner city slums, high crime rate areas, and generally avoid locations where drug use and violence are statistically higher... and I do so, not based on race, rather, based on self preservation.

I suggest that those "locked" in a lower social status do what I did (as an impoverished welfare child from a broken home, who lived many times on the streets, etc)... GET OVER YOURSELF. Be the change you want to see, as Gandhi said. Break the cycle... get out of the slums... stop using drugs, stop drinking alcohol, leave the abusive family member, go to school, educate yourself, dress business appropriate and work your way up progressively better jobs, buy a house in the country or suburbs, and BAM - there you have it... the American dream fulfilled.

What Holder and Obama are propagating is that darker toned individuals, largely those living in lower social classes, are being held under the thumb by cowards afraid to "let them into their society".

The door is open... YOU JUST HAVE TO WORK FOR IT... you cannot expect that Obama or Holder, or anyone for that matter, is going to GIVE it to you - it takes hard work, courage, and TIME to make a change in your life. You have to stop blaming, and start doing...

Racist organizations like the NAACP, The Congressional Black Caucus, The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Ku Klux Klan, etc - you are all of the same ilk... racist in nature, dividing people from people based on skin tone.

I do not have "white guilt". I am not ashamed of my skin tone. I embrace my heritage. I fight for my ancestral culture - ALL cultures. I am no coward, and I am not afraid to tell you to your face, AG Holder, that you are an ignorant racist who is not capable of seeing beyond your own skin tone, and the fact that you encourage others to use theirs as an excuse SICKENS ME.

I tell you what I would tell any racist or bigot associated with the NAACP, the KKK, La RAZA, CAIR, etc: GO TO HELL!


  1. How would you respond if someone said your skin tone is what allowed you to rise out of poverty and people with darker skin tones have a harder time?

  2. There are certain things people will jump and respond to more than others. I remember being told that instead of yelling "rape" you should yell "fire". Fire affects everyone in the building and if you don't respond to the call, you could burn. Rape affects the person being attacked and if you don't respond to the call, you can always claim you didn't hear it.

    It seems that every time I turn around, someone is yelling "racism" even if it doesn't apply. I suppose if they yelled something else, people could claim they didn't hear it.

    It's just like yelling fire when one doesn't exist. Everyone runs out of the building to save themself and then grumbles all the way back in when they find out it's a false alarm. Eventually people will grow tired of it and when something truly is racism, they will ignore the issue.

    People like AC Holder are making fools of themselves. They will gain the favor of some but the disdain of others. He's clearly a racist himself... he and Obama.

  3. Patrick - Great question. my response to that person would be that such an observation is short sighted. Growing up in "white slums" is no different than in "black slums"... call it trailer trash, white trash, whatever - ther are certain obsticles to overcome, just as there are in other slums of the nation. What is different is drive. If someone has the drive and the will to get out, they can do it...

    Take my cousin, for example - "light toned" mother, "dark toned" father - he would be considered "black" by anyone's standards, and in fact on the eve of my wedding was called "nigger" by some dipshit I went to High-school with... We grew up in the same environment, and actually lived together many times over the years of our youth. He has shown equal drive, and was a successful realtor - and is now considering going back to college to finsih a four year degree - skin tone, different - drive is the same... outcome equals success in both cases.

    So, as I said, it can be done... to claim that skin tone holds you back or helps you succeed is short sighted... it may affect another's first impression - but the caliber of character is ALWAYS evident if you are trying!

  4. Steve, as always, you post and comments are truly insightful and right on the money. I really appreciate your take on things. This post is particularly poignant, I think. I'm just so tired of how Obama's election was supposed to be the sign that racism is no longer a serious problem in the US (even though it hasn't been a serious problem in many years), and yet, since his election, it seems as though there have been even more ridiculous allegations of racism and discrimination. I am tired and disgusted by it.

    Why can't people stop complaining and take some personal responsibility? We are the masters of our own destinies. Going through life as a victim helps NO ONE.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  5. Unfortunately, attitudes and statements like Holder's creates raciaphobes out of scared, well intentioned whites. They actually become afraid that they are somehow racists inside their core and act out in the opposite direction by doing things like voting for Obama regardless of his policies just to prove to themselves and anyone else who might notice that they are not racists. (Spot them by their constant, nervous exclamations of said voting choice) This is doing no favors to ordinary African Americans who are trying to leave it all behind and move on themselves. To quote a video I saw on another blog, Holder is a crab in a bucket, and crabs in buckets need no lid, as every time a crab tries to crawl out of the bucket, another crab grabs him by the legs and pulls him back in. Escape is near impossible. Yeah, it's disgusting alright. Sadly, this is the change I figured on while hoping I was going to be wrong.

  6. Mr. Holder needs to define the word 'coward'. a coward hides behind his color and uses it instead of study, learning, and work to achieve. I don't consider myself a racist, i have friends of all different ethnic backgrounds, skin color, religious persuasion and even political views. on the other hand, I am discriminatory in who I choose to associate with. there are 'light toned' and 'dark toned' and folks in between, that behave and act like 'niggers'. if the shoe fits, wear it.

    the government may force 'public' integration with punitive measures, but they cannot force private integration among people of the world who in every place, every country, divide themselves by national, ethnic, religion, and class.

    the government continues to try to have it both ways. they want us to be 'one nation', but they divide into race by every document or question that requires a person to put down their 'race' or ethnicity. as long as it 'makes a difference', it will be a divide between people. it is one of those questions that should be put on the 'do not ask' list, just like married status & religion. It shouldn't matter.