Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Qaddafi Right?

Libyan President and former Terrorist M. Qaddafi addressed the U.N. today amid great protest and consternation. It is this outcry and protest that makes me want to listen to his words, put some thought behind those words, and come to a conclusion of my own mind... unlike folks like Dennis Miller who pre-dismiss what he will be saying, or Fox News who dismisses his speech as bizarre rambling.

Qaddafi made points... some far fetched and some good ones. He ultimately took the same position that Rhode Island took during the formation of the Union of States, that small states will be crushed and outnumbered in voice and vote by the larger more populous states, and that equality in such a Union does not equate to special treatment.

In this point he is right on and far off - both at the same time.

He is right in that the U.N. is a powerless body. I say rightfully so. It is a sounding board for the worlds leaders, but ruled by the elite Security Council... the overlords, if you will. It dictates policy to countries around the world, and threatens embargoes or invasions if the demands are not met. It is an unenforceable body of blowhards enticing everyone to join and then promptly reminding them that they are too small to have any say. There is no equality in the U.N. There is no diplomacy. It is nothing more than a dictatorial board determined to rule the world.

He is wrong in that he uses words like "Equality" as if they mean something to him and his people. Listening to world leaders such as Qaddafi and Ahmadinijad makes me wonder if they see the irony in their calls for equality and liberty. They live in countries that are not fully evolved in the concept of even sexual equality, often beating or raping women for something as sinful as showing their hair or talking to a man while not being married. If one is going to preach equality and liberty, one must consider the actions within their own country... otherwise the words are empty propaganda.

One thing is for sure, though. It is always vastly important to listen to ALL these leaders. Hold them to their beliefs... embrace Unity. Listen to their grievances against the U.N. What do they want, what do they need, and what are they willing to provide on their part for equality? We should never be so quick to dismiss... we may just find the key to true peace if we would only listen.


  1. Great exposition, sir. I suspect "equality", to them, means being treated by larger countries as an equal; it has nothing to do with human rights.

  2. I think you are correct. Which is why I called out the irony... but he made some good points otherwise...