Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hypocracy of the Left

Code Pink. MoveOn.ORG. Sheehan.

The loudest most vocal and visible protesters of Bush/Cheney, their foreign policy, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...


Code Pink is now silently petitioning Obama to end the wars, by not protesting, rather signing a "reminder petition" - to remind him of his campaign promises to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are actively protesting the G20 event this week by creating a pink Tent City, not covered at all by the media. Their "Actions" page is grossly out of date, and they seem content with going from a very active anti-war group to a pretty pink website with ne'er a harsh word against our enlightened one.

MoveOn.Org is pressing forward not with anti-war talk, rather carrying the banner of the Democrats on Healthcare, releasing a propaganda puff piece highlighting Hollywood comedians mocking the CEOs of Insurance Companies as the "true victims" of the public option. They have become the well funded strong arm of the left, openly targeting political conservatives. No question about Obama's continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, nor outrage over the prospect of surging 40,000 more US troops into Afghanistan. When we talked of a troop surge in Iraq, it was political hell on earth... under Obama it is second page news to Healthcare and Global Warming... and MoveOn.Org seems none the wiser. They are merely a recruiting and full time elections prep organization... puppets and political relics.

Cindy Sheehan seems to be the only one protesting Obama openly about the War... after finishing a distant second to Pelosi in the Congressional Race in SF, Sheehan has hit the protest trail once again... but, wait... the once embraced Sheehan is now being told "Enough Already" by Charlie Gibson of ABC. Why protest Obama - these are Bush's wars... and we shouldn't bring any negative attention to a DEMOCRAT President, right Charlie?

Again, I ask - are these once loud anti-government protesters silent?
  • Code Pink... not silent, but muffled and neutered.
  • MoveOn.Org... silent as a Monk in Prayer.
  • Sheehan... Not silent, but her Media Stage has been packed up and stored until the next GOP President and Majority is in need of media scrutiny.
The hypocrisy on the left is sickening. It is obvious that these protests, mostly media and Soros sponsored, were for nothing more than a political coup - an attempt to disrupt and distract the American public so much that they would angrily vote out the party in power.

Now that they are the party in power, suddenly the hose is turned off and the world is filled with harmony... So they are trying to convince us all...

The truth is that they won nothing. Obama is talking troop surges in Afghanistan. We still have thousands of troops in Iraq. They hold power, but now the emperor, and their tactics, are exposed - naked... They wanted an end to nothing... they merely wanted POWER... The power to push their agenda, the power to rule America and the world. Absolute power of the government is theirs... but in the hearts of free men burns a flicker of hope... liberty... but will we fall victim to the same tactic on the right?

Let this be a lesson to all the Tea Party protesters. When we win in 2010 and when we win in 2012, DO NOT STOP PROTESTING because a party change has occurred. Stop only when the government removes itself from private life. Stop only when all our demands are met. Stop only when the government retreats back to the bounds of its constitutional role. This is our goal... and lest we be classified as hypocrites, we should hold government, not parties, to the fire.

Liberty is not a partisan issue... it is an issue of the people. Until the government releases its death grip from the throat of liberty, we MUST NOT back down.

Learn from the mistakes of the hippies and pinkies... Never retreat.

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  1. "Liberty is not a partisan issue"

    Amen, brother! Failure to press whichever party is in power for increasing liberty, and down-sizing government and its intrusion in private matters, would be a betrayal of the Silent-No-More Majority.

    We must NEVER go back to sleep.