Thursday, September 10, 2009

YOU LIE - Congressman's shot heard round the world!

Congressman Joe Wilson, R-SC, fired a two word shot into the mast of Obama during his speech to a joint session of congress... two words that will stand as the ultimate act of defiance against Obama's Government Dictated Health Care: YOU LIE

Immediate condemnation came from both sides of the aisle as the ever so tame Congressional Chambers, for a moment, became as boisterous as the British House of Commons.

Republican elites and Democratic elites alike have already said, and will continue to say that Joe Wilson was out of line, and that he had broken the code of decorum.

However, what we saw was a sheer act of bravery... career ending bravery perhaps, but bravery to directly challenge the lies of the administration and the Democratic party over the 1000+ pages of unconstitutional socialist policy making up this public option proposal.

Joe Wilson's Democratic opponent raised over $100,000 in the hour after the shout... I say we give some money to Joe Wilson... He has taken the Tea Party directly to the President... He has taken the voices of the millions of us who attended Town Hall meetings to debate this issue with our Congressmen and Senators directly to the President. He has given opposition a DEFIANT voice.

Now is not the time for DECORUM! Now is not the time for being polite.

Republican leaders should EMBRACE Joe Wilson's defiance... yet their condemnation is a signal that 2010 will not change a thing. Republicans and Democrats alike are too afraid to shake up the system, to move the pillars of socialism OFF the foundations of this country. They are cows... The politicians are cowards, the entire lot of them... Less JOE WILSON, who stood up for the American People, and will likely 'die' for it...

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori - How sweet and fitting it is to die for one's country

Joe Wilson will have an uphill battle heading into 2010, and it should be our struggle to keep this man in office. If he goes down, it will be because he stood up to tyranny!

Sic semper tyrannis


To hell with "Polite Politics"... We are mad as hell and we aint gonna take this Socialist Death March any more!

(on a private note, I loved the look on Obama's face and Pelosi's face)


  1. I actually will support Joe Wilson, even though I'm in Virginia. I love your byline: shot heard round the world.

  2. Either there's something wrong with the link (it looks right though) or the site is being bombarded right now...

  3. Joe's site is being bombarded right now... keep trying... and if all else fails, send a check in the mail!

  4. I changed the link to his 2010 campaign link... hopefully that helps!

  5. As a disclaimer, I am not a fan of Wilson's... but acts of defiance are a sure sign of a turning point in one's political activism... in this case, Joe did the right thing and should be rewarded! In other big gov't issues, Joe needs to see this as a turning point and come out on the right side!

  6. This monetary support will help him see the light. You know, these people are surrounded 24x7 by people fawning over them and looking at them, telling them they are right, etc., its almost physically impossible for them to get their own heads out of their asses at times :) So, I don't mind encouraging good behavior, even if he's not perfect.

  7. I personally think he was out of line and should have grabbed the camera's afterward saying the same thing. We lost the election and the President deserves some respect while he speaks...even though he is lying.

    ...but I have to admit you are changing my mind a bit with your argument for embracing the defiance. I will support Joe.

    oh and thanks for posting my asshole rant, but I was bit embarrassed by such a prominent spot.

  8. Bob - He may have been out of line, considering the culture of "politeness" in the Chambers of Congress... but perhaps that style of politeness is getting us nowhere... government continues to grow, the citizens are continually ignored... it takes someone shaking things up, breaking the mold, defying the status quo to really get a point across... Funny thing is that CNN's Truth Squad even found that Obama was kind of lying! There is no way to stop illegals from this purposefull loophole... the Dems WANT to cover illegals, so they wrote in this loophole...

    That means Wilson is RIGHT to be angry on behalf of the American People... Obama and the Dems, hell, the Republicans too... they all need to stop lying to the American People.

    On another note, don't be embarrased about being an A-hole... you deserve the mention... I'll take it down by the end of the month... deal?

  9. before anyone comments on the loophole, let me be more clear - the loophole is that there is no distinction between LEGAL and ILLEGAL aliens in the tax codes, and illegals would be required to purchase their own, which will eventually default to government as an "end justifying the means" as Obama put it.

  10. Just donated $50 of my post-tax money. Regarding "politeness" - thank God the founding fathers decided not to be polite.

    Thank you for joining our team. We need your help to fight off the Washington liberals targeting Joe in the 2010 election.

    Joe works…you know that. He’s consistently working to bring jobs to our area...(goes on)...

  11. Wasn't Pelosi's face classic? It was like someone giggled in church - Priceless!

  12. I still can't believe that he did that.

  13. They look so shocked! Obama was just talking about how Palin was a huge liar and now they demand restitution for barbs being thrown at him? Come on.

    But hey. Joe is such a coward! If you are going to call someone out and duel, don't back down! Stand your ground!

  14. Joe is not a coward. The ones who didn't call Obama out are the cowards. Joe apologized for being rude - and he technically was rude. I'd still prefer he didn't apologize for that, but I can live with it. Joe's no coward.

  15. Here's the latest - he says he "wont' be muzzled" and that his initial apology is sufficient. Sticking to his guns.

    Sorry its on msnbc...

  16. Great post Steven. I see he's brought in over a million now. I am sure that is just a drop in the bucket with how much he will bring in. What did you think of the fact that the Dems tried using that he took caffine pills to make it out like he was a drug addict.

  17. Candle,

    I find your comments puzzeling since this is what you said on my blog:

    Candle said...

    "My blog diametrically opposes your blog, but I am in a forgiving mood and will relax a little and tell you that Joe Wilson should be dragged before the congress and stripped of his office. He has betrayed the entire country, his family, and future generations (and past generations). I will have to make a post about this myself...I'm so angry I could shake. Joe Wilson was set up to do this I'm sure...(Cheney? Limbaugh? Probably both of them)."

  18. Have you ever seen this video? I think those who read this blog will like it.

    The truth is the evil federal empire continues to grow and the only way to save it is to return the authority the states have lost. There is not much time people must reclaim their rights. We should have listened to the Anti-Federalists from the begining.

    We could have saved ourselves precious blood and treasure lost in a vain attempt to grow an empire.