Monday, September 28, 2009

Rangel to Obama: BACK OFF!

In the most obscene use of blogging acronym, I am ROTFLMFAO.

Charlie Rangel, the long time NY Democratic Senator, known tax evading crook, and Marxist Democrat is slamming The Elite One, B.H. Obama over his encroachment into the affairs of NY State Politics.

THE IRONY in Rangel telling BHO to back off is that it is the same message we are trying to get across to Obama AND Congress when it comes to State's Rights issues, Health Care, Education, Guns, Marriage...

But to Rangel and his Marxist friends in the DNC it is only inconvenient when it affects you personally... like the way all those line items listed above affect EVERY AMERICAN.

As you protest, sir, SO DO WE!

And WE wonts stop until you...



  1. It's always fun to watch a family feud ... even a family as dysfunctional as the progressives.

  2. Poetic that their meddler-in-chief, nanny-in-chief has started to annoy even THEM.

  3. Poetic indeed... reminds me of a game of Jenga... a little give here, a little give there, then BAM, down comes the stack of blocks! Beautiful! Especially in a dysfunctional family - cause that's when the gloves come off and the real fun begins!

    Hopefully they'll keep bloodying themselves like this through 2010 and into 2012!

  4. They can't help but squabble a little, at least.

    I love the game Jenga.

    Hey, I just put you on blogroll. Thank you for having me on yours.