Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cash for Carbines?

My favorite John Kerry line, "Would that it were," is completely applicable here.

In a fanciful daydream of a more perfect world, where the government trusted fully in the competencies and abilities of the well armed populace as the power behind the government, and the reason for it's protection... a concept came to mind...

Cash for Carbines...

Where the populous is systematically armed and trained in weapons' safety. Each tax paying citizen would simply need to go to a gun dealer and request a weapon of their choice, complete with no less than 1000 rounds of appropriate ammunition. Prior to closing the sale, the purchaser would be required to complete and pass a weapons safety course and appropriate background checks, of course.

What better way to gaily spend tax dollars... what... you want to use it to buy everyone's trashed cars instead...???...

Where is THAT in the constitution?

Hmmm -
"being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed"

Seems more reasonable that if the government was to go on a spending spree, it would be more lawful to do so with regards to weapons... not cars...

Oh... Sorry... I forgot... the idea is to drain the already bankrupted treasury, turn the nation upside down with debt, and then snatch the last vestiges of freedom from us by way of the "private army".

Haven't heard of Obama's Private Army? His Praetorian Guard, his political police.

Maybe it is a good thing that the freedom loving Americans in this country took it upon themselves to self fund their own Carbines program. Turns out we may need it more than we can ever imagine!


  1. My blog diametrically opposes your blog in all possible manner and ways. I shall warn my readers to avoid this terrible page like the plague. They should take away all guns and melt them down, and then use them to shackle all republicans and gun owners everywhere! This site is disgraceful!!!!!

  2. Yes, Candle, and then you and your friends at HuffPo can all sleep at night, knowing you've contributed mightily to the downfall of the last constitutional republic on the planet. Congratulations, Komrade!

  3. Mock me if you will, but I know the truth, and I will be targeting you at my blog as well, whomever you are. This sort of bigotry and absolutism has got to end. I don't k now what is wrong with the world...

  4. Please, Candle, tell me where in my blogs I use bigotry? In fact, I am an advocate for many causes, such as Kiva, Audobon Society, and the Republic of Lakota that are very intellectually open...

    See... the tactic that you used (such as throwing around "key word" smears like 'bigot') are aimed at nothing more than detracting from the discussion at hand. Rather than address your smears, let's address your comments merit, intellectually - without big words :)

    You openly advocate for the political genocide of opposing ideals. That is very interesting.

    I openly advocate for the right for all political ideals to be discussed, embraced, and defended...

    You say that your blog opposes mine in all possible manners.

    I openly advocate for gay marriage, in that the states should remove themselves from the concept of marriage altogether, granting true liberty to all walks of life.

    You claim to know the truth, but in the same paragraph claim to not know what is wrong with the world... while moments before you openly advocated the complete destruction of another mindset.

    I openly engage those of all walks of thought and life in order to advance myself, and my readers on an intellectual level. Do I write thought provoking concepts... yes, because I want you to think...

    you, on the other hand, want nothing more than strict obedience to your line of thought, and all others be shackled (and presumably killed?)

    Candle... look at yourself, your beliefs, your ideals... do you really want to shackle free men, forcing them into obedience and slavery to your ideals? What is wrong with YOUR world?

    I advocate for free men to remain free, and for those in shackles to BECOME FREE. We are in shackles in every aspect of our daily lives... slaves to a government that has grown too large and powerful... more so than any King of England... as such, we have surrendered our liberty.

    I ask you - what liberty will YOU have when the "justice" for political foes is one day turned on you?

    It is my job to ensure that justice is universal... that NO MAN is shackled... that ALL are free and equal.

    But you oppose those ideals in all possible manners... what do you care about freedom?

  5. I have warned the Wishes about this fascist right wing hegemonic white male empowerment engine you have here. I fully realize that collectivewishes may not survive the war you started, but I will persevere....

  6. Candle - You're a hoot! Your comments show your lack of ability to reason or comprehend the points that I made above. Your only response is to make outrageous claims that I am some white male empowerment engine, running on high octane fascism and lubricated with right wing oil! Heck, my summary of your comment has more thought behind it than your spewed hate speech.

    Alas, My ability to continue to engage you, giving you a forum to speak is evidence enough that my site is not fascist.

    White male? yes, I would say that I have a light toned skin... but I also take pride in my Native heritage as much as I do my irish, french, danish, english, scottish, etc... I embrace my diverse background. It helps me define who and what I am. YOUR bigotry allows you to only see a "white male"... so narrow minded, yet you claim to "know the truth". Sounds a little schizophrenic to me... elusions of grandeur?

    Anyway... I love your new blog post, and your immediate and sudden "surrender"... I thought we were having a discussion, not a "war".

    Like I said originally... You're a hoot!

  7. Dear lord, do I have to hit you with a great bit /s? :) I loved Mark Levin's book...I guess I have to be a little more outrageous, I'm starting to be believed. Anyway, great blog you got here, I'll chill.

  8. steven...thanks for visit I shall make a habit of coming here from now on as american blogs such as yours tend to articulate ideas of freedom in a way that appeals more than most English blogs...due to my love of America I suppose. As for candle.....it took me awhile to figure out it was a spoof and a good one at that.

  9. Thud's got a great site too. Very interesting site for those who like architecture and historical restoration - with a little guns and ammo shock and awe thrown in for good measure :) In retrospect its probably wrong for me to thrust my humor on folks all unsuspecting....but I'm going to keep doing it because I'm flawed hehe. Cheers.

  10. And Candle: would you please oppose my blog as well? Pleeeeze???? Spank me, Yankee.