Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama ignores Disaster in GA

h/t to Redhead Agenda

Death Toll 9

$250 million in damage

Hundreds of roads washed away leaving thousands of residents stranded in rushing flood waters.
Scores of bridges now at risk of failing due to floodwater stress on surrounding infrastructure.

It has been two days... the storm is finally letting off in some areas... and FEMA has yet to be activated. President Obama is ignoring the calls for federal help from GA's governor. It took Obama two days to contact the State's governor, meanwhile he had the time to appear on the Letterman Show to promote his Health Care agenda.

In Georgia, levies have broken, rivers are flowing through towns, the region is being crippled by flood waters... and the national weather service is calling for at least four more days of rain in the region.

With the exception of 150 mph winds and a Republican who "Hates Black People", this is on par with Katrina. An entire region underwater. Fortunately the Atlanta area has adequate drainage, and the waters will recede.

What is unfortunate is that Obama has ignored the calls for help from the GA Governor, is withholding immediate FEMA response to help those displaced by the storm, and the media is ignoring the story altogether! George Bush would have been crucified if he had ignored a region in peril, and is still criticized for his handling of Katrina... but apparently you get the pass if no one is aware of the tragedy unfolding for our brothers and sisters in GA.

Another case of Democrat hypocrisy.

disclaimer: I believe that State Government is responsible for emergency services, and that the GA governor is handling his state's tragedy with respect, decorum, and prompt attention to areas hit the hardest. It is not my belief that FEMA is even a necessary program, nor do I believe that it is the responsibility of the Federal Government to jump in and bail out regions in distress. States should be supported to lead efforts of this nature.


  1. Par for the "O" course, unfortunately.

  2. I fully agree that individual states should handle these type of disasters and are better equipped than the national government. But that being said, Obama could have still released a statement or something of well-being.

  3. And a p.s. - it's the state's responsibility, unless they do not think they can handle things (financially or physically) on their own and ask for the national government's help.

    I believe in New Orleans eithers the Gov. refused help or didn't ask for it - that's why aide came so slowly. Gov. Perdue in GA asked for help, but is doing all he can in the meantime. THAT's the difference.

  4. Hazaa - I fully agree on both your points! Obama's lack of concern for the state of affairs in Georgia is troubling. As well, I also acknowledge your point that the LA gov didnt request FEMA assistance and the GA is... I cannot conceive a president casting aside a region like this when the state government is overwhelmed.

    You are completely correct. And I agree that it is some kind of odd that the enlightened one is so willingly throwing GA under the perverbial bus... of course the media is letting him get away with it.

    Do we need the grassroots to do EVERYTHING when it comes to calling Obama on his BS?

  5. He at least needs to come down here and turn all of this water into wine or something. ;)

    Btw, thanks for the h/t.

  6. HA! Water into wine... That would be one heck of a party in GA with all that wine! I am sure that Obama's concept of money being in the Trillions, to talk about damage in the millions is like talking about the old 1/2 cents... petty amounts of damage...

    No worries... you deserve the h/t because you broke the story. I give credit where it is due! Keep up the great work!

    Water into wine... classic!

  7. It is a let-them-eat-cake moment, to be sure. Obama is too busy playing basketball and going on David Letterman to be troubled by Georgia's problems.

  8. Great post. He also ignored Kentucky when they were covered in ice and had no power. He seems to have a thing against Southern, Republican states. I believe, like you, this is a states matter. But, after all of his whining over New Orleans he really has made himself look like a hypocrite.

  9. I wonder if it has something to do with all of the tea parties we've been having... just sayin'...

  10. Is this the first time the President of the United States has not visited a disaster area? Shame on Obama.

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