Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Liberal MSNBC Outrage over "President = Hitler"

As if anyone with a single ounce of competency or credibility watches MSNBC for anything actually honest, unbiased, or newsworthy... This "report" is on the outrage on the left over protesters calling The Enlightened One "Hitler"... something that this discussion suggests is a "dog whistle" or a secret message to "take out" Obama.

The interesting aspect of this clip is that the actual newsworthy portion is what is graphically overlaid, leaving the MSNBC audio to tell the true story of absolute hypocrisy, schizophrenic lunacy, and outright lies that the left truly believe.

It is scary how delusional these nut jobs really are! And I am not referring to the right wing gun toters protesting big government... I am talking about the nut jobs spewing garbage as if it were the truth.

MSNBC is junk news, empty rhetoric, propaganda for the far left. They may try to say the same thing about FoxNews, but I challenge them to live up to the Hypocrisy test... Let us decide where the REAL JOURNALISTS are employed.

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