Friday, September 25, 2009

Video Friday - a few things to think about, and one to celebrate!

1: If you thought your College Degree was worth a damn, maybe it is time to take a closer look at "the educated" -

2. We constantly hear from the left (and those on the right) that it is not productive to compare Obama with Hitler or the NAZI movement in Germany... but when time and again we have strikingly eery similarities, isn't it at least our responsibility to raise a question? Maybe we're not talking holocaust here, but the overall policy of Hitler (less extermination) is being played out AGAIN right before our eyes...

h/t to Snaggle Tooth Jones

3. On a lighter note, Autumn is finally here - my favorite time of the year! The air becomes sweet with the crisp air and falling leaves. The smell of cider begins to fill rooms across the land, people begin bundling up and preparing for fests and family. It reminds us that all great things pass, but we should be reminded that all things are cyclic. What once was shall come to pass again. The best part is that being back up north (though not as far north as Rev. Paul) My autumn and winter nights last just a little bit longer... more time for stargazing!


  1. Ah, thanks for combining the unbearable (Obama's rise to power) with the sublime sights and sounds of this great world. We need to keep it all in perspective and this helps.

  2. Great post - and the autumn video is fantastic! I love the colors and smells of fall.


  3. The worst 15 seconds of your life: