Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nationalism, Patriotism, and the Marxist Indoctrination

My blast yesterday triggered a few questions from a reader, which I want to bring to my front page… What is nationalism? What is Patriotism? What is Marxism? Can political movements of our time cherry pick effective tools from history to achieve their objectives? These questions were not asked, so much as my grasp of history and politics was deemed ignorant. Regardless of tact, I want to address these issues to better explain our current state.

The title of my post yesterday was “To Hell with Nationalism” and my sentiment today is still the same. Nationalism in the United States erodes the sanctity of the Sovereignty of the Individual States. It is the erosion of these protected liberties, of state sovereignty, which is directly responsible for the unchecked power of the Federal Government. What use is there for the people and their states when the Federal Government can tackle all problems? The notion that nationalism is a prerequisite for being a good citizen is a fool’s errand.

Patriotism, then, must be addressed. To be clear, a patriot is one who loves and adores their “father land” – patris being the Greek root “Father”. The American founder’s were referred to as Patriots, because they had such a love and adoration for the concept of liberty, for a nation that had yet to be born. They stood in defiance of tyranny in the face of the unknown. However, to be a patriot today is to be a nationalist. A “patriot” in the United States is nothing more than a tool, wrapped up in red/white/blue shirts, hats, flags, and banners to “justify their cause” – to be a Good American. Patriotism is “American”. Patriotism is pledging servitude to Obama. Patriotism is redefined with each party in power as obedience to their cause… it is a mindless label given to “good Americans” who obey their master.

Marxism, though in relative conflict with nationalism, does not preclude the strategic advantages of nationalism be used while implementing Marxist economical policy. The democrat controlled government is subtly using the mantra “obeying Obama makes you a Good American”. As such, to defy Obama or the Democrats makes you an “Un-American” or a DHS Labeled Terrorist. These tactics, also used by Bush and Neo-conservative Republicans who labeled anti-war and anti-Patriot Act protesters as Un-American, are nothing more than using the TOOL of nationalism to push an agenda. Once you can convince the general public that to be subdued is to be a good citizen, you have attained absolute power.

I am proud to be a free citizen of a Constitutional Republic... Constitution and Republic... two terms which are long forgotten or corrupted in our political society. Politicians invoke the Constitution to defend their continued power grab… and they expand in the name of Democracy… This nation was NOT founded as a democracy. It was founded as a Republic, but we have given up our Republic willingly. And our society is not free. We live under a banner of deceit and promised freedom, but we are all slaves to a system of controls – so much so that we are on the verge of being CRIMINALS for not buying healthcare insurance. “Buy this govt. product or go to jail”… the battle hymn of the democracy of the United States?

So in a Constitutional Republic, specifically the United States, I am pledged to defend a constitution which advocates for state’s rights – not an imaginary “perpetual union”. When the Union is no longer “more perfect” because of corruption, tyrannical control, and Marxist attacks and indoctrination of our citizens, is it not our duty to invoke the 9th and 10th, and to demand action by the state governments… Even Charlie Rangel understands this to some extent, telling BHO to back off of NY State Politics and Elections.

This union is broken at the federal level. The flag of the union is being used as a tool by both sides to invoke nationalist pride for the purpose of their social agenda gains. That flag is a battle flag representing something other than the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence... SO LONG AS IT IS USED AS A SYMBOL TO SUPPORT IDEALS THAT OPPRESS LIBERTY, I will not pledge allegiance to it, I will not fly it, I will not salute it, nor will I admire it.

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  1. I recently came to the same conclusion, although not as eloquently as you have expressed it here. Our state edges closer to its own declaration of independence from the broken union, every day, and I'm all for it. It will be rough going for awhile, but nothing worthwhile comes easily.