Monday, June 18, 2007

Why Islam is Dangerous

The more that I hear groups like CAIR and the Nation of Islam trying to convince me that they advocate for a religion of peace, I am intrigued by the daily reminders to the contrary.

In this case, the British crown has knighted an author who was at one point allegedly insulted Islam... (for which the Muslim leadership (Ayatollah) issued a fatwa calling for the author's death). And now there are protests in Pakistan calling for his death again, and for attacks (including suicide) against British interests...

So let me understand this:

*writing a book that "allegedly" insults you is cause for the author's
death... no judge or jury. No trial... just a slimy little man calling for
minions to carry out murder from the comforts of his home.

*The knighting of someone who has been "sentenced" to death by the
religion of peace is a call to arms for all suicide bombers around the

Sounds peaceful enough... where do I sign up?

On second thought, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! You are propagating violence and murder on a catastrophic level because some guy WROTE A BOOK. Or because some guy DREW A CARTOON. Are you frigging kidding me?

The groups listed above have a catchy little phrase used to throw at those of us who make statements about Islam... "You are just afraid because you don't understand it"...

Hey, Geniuses in the Religion of Peace: Try understanding that there are those of us who have a different opinion, and instead of fearfully calling for our killing, try understanding a different point of view.

I would like for ONE, JUST ONE Muslim leader to come out and try to calm the rhetoric, and calls for killing, and jihad talk... and I don't mean here on the safe streets of the USA... I mean in downtown Tehran, Baghdad, Islamabad, Cairo, Istanbul... I dare you!!! Then, and ONLY then will I consider that ANYONE can TRULY believe that Islam is a religion of peace.


  1. OK, at you will find about 4,200 Muslim political and religious leaders, theologians, imams, mullahs, authors, journalists, association leaders, and authorities who strongly speak out against terrorism, violence, suicide bombigns, militant jihad, and perverting the Qur'an as an excuse to promote a private agenda of hatred. Many of these leaders specifically explain how the Qur'an is being misquoted, taken out of context, what the Qur'an really says about terrorists, etc. They issue fatwas forbidding terrorism and violence, they call for the arrest and imprisonment or execution of terrorist and anyone promoting violent jihad. What more could anyone ask for?

  2. Great response. What more could anyone ask for? How about the other religious leaders taking some note from the 4200 listed? This is 2007, not 1207... and ordering someone killed for writing a book or drawing a cartoon is outrageous. So I give you this: I understand that not all muslims are nutjobs... This much I know... but with the constant stories such as the one I was responding to, (as well as others about honor killings, violence, haterd... the list goes on and on...) I am looking for some sort of a sign that Islam is not promoting a backwards theology...

    When you find that information, and perhaps when the "Muslim World" can learn to control itself (i.e. remove radical leaders calling for mass murder over CARTOONS), then we can discuss the issue... I just can't jump on the band wagon that easily.

    BTW, I am not anti-muslim... in fact I have many muslim friends. But there is a difference between Muslim, and whatever is being promoted around the world!

  3. The pseudo “rev” (he has a paid for “ordination” from the universal life church) is a liar, a libeler and a terrorist apologist. His “exposes” are the projections of a very delusional and sick mind, so absurd as to be laughable.
    One might note that *nothing* the “rev” says about himself is true, his “degrees” and his “military” service are also a work of fiction.
    Sutter has been publicly exposed as a SEAL impostor
    And here, go to the bottom of the page

    There is no King's Word Seminary there is only an unaccredited Kings Word School of the Bible that give out certificates of completion run by Pastor Ernie Sanders of the Doers of The Word Baptist Church Sutter was once associated with that church and their prison ministry right after he was released from prison for credit card fraud ( Here is proof Sutter’s association with Pastor Ernie Sanders
    At one time he has claimed to be an ordained Catholic minister, "higher than a Deacon, but slightly lower than a priest" -- a position that does not exist. There are three levels of the ordained ministry in the Catholic Church: deacons, priests, and bishops, with nothing in between.
    He also claims that he served in the naval reserve as an officer. The Navy doesn’t used convicted “felons” as officers. Go to and put Sutter’s name in the criminal search he was convicted January 1982 of 2913.31 UTTERING and was order to pay restitution and put on two years probation. I guess that didn’t make much of an impact on him as ended up in jail a second time for credit card fraud January 1996. BTW the Navy also doesn’t have people who weigh over 550 pounds.

    Sutter's "pro-Islsm" blog is full of full of half-truths from deceivers most of the condemnations of terrorism comes from the Council on American Islamic Relations, an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism funding case. Those condemnations of Muslim-on-Muslim violence, or condemnations of "terrorism" or attacks on "innocents" or "civilians" without defining those terms.

    Sutter is unable to tell the truth about himself or others. He has a difficult time separating his delusions form reality.

  4. I see my cyberstalker has paid a visit. Ever since her own racism and bigotry against blacks, homosexuals, Christians, Jews and Muslims was exposed, she's been following me around like a little puppy dog, leaving puddles on the carpet of anywhere I've posted anything. Facts? She seems to have never heard the word.

    If anyone bothers to check the links she gives, they will find I never claimed to be a SEAL, that socnetcentral decided that the person they were thinking of wasn't me, and powernetwork does not list me. As to the condemnations from Muslims, less than 2% of what's posted on is from CAIR. But keep that quiet, she doesn't want to let anyone realize that thousands of Muslim leaders around the world do condemn terrorism.

  5. Sutter did in fact claim to be a seal, the most pathetic example of that is on the way back machine where he posted pics of a GI doll which he titled JimSeal

    Read about it here
    and be sure to read the comments by VeriSEAL. Jim was a poser and a phony. Does Sutter think real seals don't know who he is?

  6. Sadia...University student in Canada.

    You all know that Islam is the right religion.We speak the truth and act according to the truth.We don't exploit our females and use them as sex object.We don't rape our family members cause we fear great day.Day of reseriction. When everyone on earth will come fron of Allah(SWT) God..the creator of the heaven and earth.Will testify the injustice of anyone that earned good deeds and worship him alone and didn't associate ant partners with him.And on that day the errs who shed blood for money and that took any innocent live(LIKE IRAQ) for oil will receive their justice.Oh that great day when Hell will be brought forward and its feul is Man and stones.That day alot of people will wish that Believed in God and never associated any Partners with him.That is the day when The believers will have smile on their face and live in peace forever.
    So when Muslim does Jihad.That muslim isn't afraid to to die.Because he is meeting with his Lord.Who created him out of nothing to to Allah(SWT) God..We all shall return to.Death Will catch you even if your Hiding in big building and living safe.You will Die and only You will come to the truth.This live we believe is a test and is temporary.Allah(SWT)God you more respite on you and untill you die and only him is the best deposer of affairs.
    So is say ELHUMDILIALH.(all praise to Allah(SWT)that i am MUSLIM.and I rather Die that become non-believer and will be in Jihad(Daily struggle inlife)and will stand Alone as Muslim even if the whole world is against me.SALAM>

  7. Sadia,
    You should be careful not to contradict the Ayatollah Khomeini who says a man may "take" his wife whenever he wants. The Ayatollah also says bestiality and sex with infants is ok.

    Please do not pervert the teachings of Islam. The Ayatollah knows much better than you.

    Also, your English is not good enough to study at a Canadian university.

  8. "Men take authority over women... As for those who are disobedient, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them." (Surah 4:34)

    Islam is a wonderful and just religion indeed!

  9. For those who are looking for signs that show Islam as a message of peace, will not succeed in such a quest. I am a muslim and I agree that there are those who are a living proof that Islam is an advocate of choas. I want all to consider the following, what is a sociaty?
    A sociaty contains what is outrageous and supported by alot, yet on the otherhand they are rejected by others of the same sociaty. Isalm is a sociaty and saduflly there are those who claim the message of islam and live daily spreading choas and manifestations because of their ignorance of the message of islam and not because they know about it. Islam is a great message to humanity, not understanding it will give unaccaptable results like al qaada or iran. It is not the message that is wrong they are the people. We all see in theatres and movies how some christians used to crusify black people and burn them alive, but I don't say that this is the christian message. I say that those are criminals who are not related to christianity or the message of jesus christ.
    Please, don't look at our criminals and judge us. Try to look at our message and judge it as you like and I hope all will find the answers they seak. Thank you all.

  10. Religion seems to cause more harm that good. But Islam seems to be a bit more bloodthirsty and agitated than the rest.

    "Islam is a great message to humanity, not understanding it will give unaccaptable results like al qaada or iran."

    So if I choose to not understand or accept Islam I will get killed is that correct? Let your "allah" judge me if so...not you!