Thursday, June 14, 2007

The cost of a senator's vote

I wonder, is that the cost of funding border agents who cannot do their jobs for fear of prosecution, the cost of sending National Guardsmen to the border who are aiding in smuggling illegals into the country, or the cost for a white picket fence that is nowhere near the maximum security fence that is required to stop the bleeding at the border?????

$4.4 Billion... If the Senate crumbles on this "compromise" then there really is no-one left who stands on their convictions....

Fences need not apply... build a friggin WALL!

1 comment:

  1. Israel has the right idea! Build the wall!

    And if anyone tries to make the connection to Berlin, the Soviet wall was built to keep innocent people in. Our walls are built to keep criminals out!

    (PS. They break the law when the cross the border illegally... I by no means believe all immigrants are criminals.)