Friday, June 29, 2007

What is most important to you: Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution?

In an attempt to better understand the way that we citizens view the role of government and the role of a citizen of the United States, I have (over)simplified my analysis into one simple question:

What founding document do you hold nearest to your heart: The Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution of the United States?

As such, I plan to use this same concept/question in my CNN/YouTube video question to the Republican Candidates for the September 23rd debate.

Perhaps I should explain why this question matters to me... and should to you.

One who holds the Constitution closer to his heart puts more of an emphasis on the structure of government, the necessity of government, and the hope that a government can exist as a part of the citizenry. All good things.

One who holds the Declaration of Independence closer to his heart, as a government official, tends to have a fear of the "Overbearing" government, and as such, understands that it is the citizenry who rules the government... not the other way around. Again... good things.

The difference between the two, in my oversimplified analysis, is that a government official who fears the people legislates with a lighter touch than one who envisions that the government, as an entity separate from the citizenry, rules the people.

I, for one, in the spirit of Patrick Henry (give me liberty or give me death) agree that there should be less power in the federal government, and as such, live and die by the D.O.I. - a general "Up Yours" to a government that does not represent the people

Have I oversimplified? If so, let me know... Which document do you hold dearest... and how do you perceive the difference between the two?

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  1. Amen, from a fellow states' rights advocate and Declaration admirer!