Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fixing the Middle East

World news... filling the front pages with images of violence, terror, religious unrest. But for what? To what end?

In Ireland, Christian is pitted against Christian. In Asia and the Middle East you find Muslims fighting one another (and everyone else). Africa is home to genocide of biblical proportions...

Try as we may, we (the powers that be) will never be successful in "fixing" the problems caused by religious indifference if we (the people of this planet) do not fully understand how it is that we are all connected.

The three main world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) have a common beginning... the Patriarchs, none of which belonged to one of the "big three". Noah, Abraham, Moses, they are more than names in a religious text... they are the tie that binds the world together. They were normal men, entrusted with the word of God, and made to be left as a reminder for when the world is lost.

These men did not belong to a church, they did not have religious texts... they were upright men, and in their time that made all the difference.

So in a world full of strife, pain, and torment... instead of world leaders demanding compromise, demanding revenge, or otherwise leading their followers along the same path, they should demand that each and every person on this planet look into their own hearts, asking themselves, "are my decisions upright?" If the inhabitants of the world took personal responsibility for the tears, sweat, and blood of every other member of our planet... well, that would be divine...

God Bless...

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  1. Ahh, if only religion were so simple. There was a great video made by CBS or ABC I think where a journalist followed terrorists around during the time of Saddam's capture. A suicide bomber was asked about the wife and daughter he was leaving behind. The man began crying and then replied, "These tears tools of satan trying to stop me."

    My point is that everybody believes what their are doing is "upright." And that's why it's "Kill or Be Killed" in those parts of the world.