Friday, June 22, 2007

The future of harvesting, and an end to the Immigration debate?

My favorite line to use in just about any conversation: "We can rebuild him... we have the technology" - of course in reference to the $6Million Man...

In this case, "We can replace the illegal immigrants doing the jobs that 'no American' wants... we have the technology"

Well, almost.

A great article I ran across about the farm industry funding research into optical robotics for machine-harvesters... thus eliminating the need for groups of people in the field picking the fruit/vegies... There is a novel idea... if "No American" wants the job, build a machine to do it for you!

If this technology is perfected, how would THAT shape the debates? Oh that is right... most likely, by then, the illegals will be legal, and won't take the low paying jobs... welfare (which they will be eligible for) will pay more!

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