Monday, June 4, 2007

Angry, Dark, and No Surprises

Political analysts Bill Schneider, James Carville, and J.C. Watts (all from CNN) have dubbed the 2nd Democratic Presidential debate as Angry, Dark, and without any surprises.

From Bill Richardson's bumbling to John Edwards' rant about Obama and Clinton not doing more to voice their discontent with the Iraq War, the debate seemed to be more of the same. The frontrunners are attempting to maintain their lead by keeping the status quo, while the tier two candidates are attacking them to get the headlines.

“They went quietly to the floor of the Senate, cast the right vote — but there is a difference between leadership and legislators,” Edwards said at the Democratic presidential debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. And Edwards is right. The two frontrunners are wavering on their "message". If you are against the war, come out strong against it... stand for something, instead of hiding behind a silent vote. If you want to be the next president, you MUST have substance... and this goes for candidates on both sides of the aisle!

In all, the debate and the candidates seem to be lacking two things: Content and a Message.

Biden and Edwards came out on top. But in all, the feel was that the Democratic field of candidates are angry, dark, and lacking a clear message - none of which make a good candidate to lead our country.

We need to hold our leaders to a higher standard.

So my message to the Democratic Leadership - Lose the anger! Try running a positive campaign where you attempt, however slightly, to rise to the higher ground. Challenge not just your opponents, but yourself, to clearly state their stance on the issues and use that stance to reach out to the people in a positive manner.

If you cannot, you are not fit to lead this great nation!

God Bless!

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