Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where's the Outrage?

Each and every day I am so very thankful that we are one day closer to January 20th, 2009. For those of you not in the know, that is the day that we will inaugurate the next president of the United States, and hopefully let the healing begin.

I have held out for a very long time, but finally it is all starting to get to me, a long time and avid Bush supporter!

Now, the administration has gone too far. My disdain began with the attempted "push through" of the new immigration bill, which by the strong outcry by ACTUAL citizens, the Senate could not move to vote (45 of 60 needed votes to start the voting process)... but Bush, c'mon... give this bill a rest! Now Bush is stepping up pressure on Senators in the GOP to push this bill through. And he has received a response:

"Bush is wrong to push this piece of legislation so hard after we've
demonstrated the flaws that are in it. He needs to BACK OFF!"

Senator Jeff Sessions (R - Alabama) - Good boy! You get a gold star for the day! Send Bush the message that the Senate and the House represent the citizens, and he needs to keep his poor lame duck bills to himself.

And has ANYONE looked into the new Presidential Directive 51? I caught wind of this yesterday, and am still looking into it... but the long and short of it is that Bush has issued an Executive Directive that allows him to take control of all branches of government, federal and local, and to have full control of radio, press, commerce, free markets, etc. in the case of a "catastrophe". There was a similar directive on the books, but it required the approval of the Congress... now... it is at his own discretion...

Mr. Bush... Don't Tread On Me!

God Bless...


  1. Directive 51 is pretty much the President's excuse to ignore the Congress in the event of a constitutional crisis or civil war.

    Remember how Senator Palpatine became the Emperor at the end of STAR WARS: Episode 3?

    That's essentially Directive 51 a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

    I feel your pain though, I too worked REALLY hard for President Bush back in 2004 and I have absolutely nothing to show for it except amnesty proposal after amnesty proposal.

    I'm giving up on politics and going to a Catholic seminary if Huckabee turns out to be this bad of a disappointment.


  2. I am really shocked at the way President Bush is trying to get this bill going again. I feel a little betrayed, I voted for Bush because it appeared that he was a true conservative. Now Bush has turned liberal on this immigration issue and he has turned a deaf ear to his whole base, the people who got him into office.This is the first time since Bush became President that I can honestly say that I don't support him.