Tuesday, June 26, 2007

6 Year Old Boy Outsmarts Taliban, Saves US Soldiers

A glimmer of hope, as a 6 year old boy heads to the Afghanistan security forces to help defuse a suicide vest... the vest, being given to him by the Taliban, who told him that he should get close to a US soldier and push the button... you will see the vest will become full of flowers.

The 6 year old boy has saved the lives of a number of US soldiers due to his act of bravery. Not only is he a true hero, but he has removed one more terrorist bomb from the street.

If only more 6 year olds were as street smart as this child... or perhaps my wish SHOULD be that 6 year olds should never have to survive by picking scrap metal from junk yards, and should never have to live in the middle of a holy war.

What a wonderful day for the world... and what a wonderful child!

God Bless...

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