Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gaffe after Gaffe, and no MSM outrage?!?

Presidential candidate Barack Obama made a HUGE political gaffe that is, well, racist! In regards to Hillary Clinton focusing a lot of energy and money on courting the Indian vote (not to be confused with Native American)...

Obama's campaign circulated a memo criticizing Clinton's campaign for it's ties to the above mentioned community, and labelled Hillary as "Clinton (D-Punjab)"

Where do I begin with this one?

Firstly, how can you be a uniter in leading this country if you feel that another "race" is not worthy of political attention?

Secondly, when does race-bating stop, ESPECIALLY in a presidential campaign?

Finally, where is the MSM outrage on this issue? Had it been the same memo from the Rudy camp... HOLY CRAP! NY Times, LA Times, etc... Front page news... leading every hour's headline news...

Double standards of the MSM aside, it is a gaffe such as this that makes me firmly believe that Obama is not ready to lead the free world.

My suggestion - a public apology to the outraged Indian-American community, and perhaps some sort of rehab stint? All the big time "slips" seem to just need some rehab.

Let's grow up Mr. Obama...

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