Monday, June 18, 2007

How Bush Could Ruin (or save) the 2008 Elections

One word: Iraq

According to a CNN poll, 51% of Americans said that Iraq was going to be "extremely important" when they make their decision for the next president.

43% think healthcare issues are extremely important...

Trickling off after that are economy, terrorism, Social Security, education, etc.

So how is it, you ask, that Bush can ruin the 2008 elections? The answer is simple: Not fixing the mess in Iraq. Bush has about a year to make some MAJOR headway in Iraq, layout a political plan, get other Middle Eastern neighbors involved in securing the region, and be firm with (but PLEASE dont invade) Iran.

It is imperitive that the Democratic candidatates NOT be elected into the White House in 2008... for so many social, economical, and even American unity reasons...

I am not advocating an anti-war message... What I AM advocating is an anti-screw-up message.

I have my fingers crossed... Bush, fix this mess!

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  1. This article should have been titled "How Bush Can Save the 2008 Elections."

    I will say this though, of the 51% that said it was going to be incredibly important, I'd estimate about 20% of them think it's critical we stay and finish the fight.

    Still, the war is a losing issue for us. That's why McCain and Giuliani can't win in November '08.

  2. Kevin, always painting that silver lining! I think the title could go either way, and since I was feeling pesimistic this morning, I went the way I did. But good comment nonetheless.

    And regardless of how the % split is for or against, if something positive doesnt come then it WILL be a losing issue... which is just what the Al Sadr's of the world want! (That being a cushy little democrat willing to roll over and take it)