Monday, June 25, 2007

Congress at 14% - the House FINALLY Makes Good Move

I blinked and something happened... let's see if the rest of the Government will follow suit.

The House of Representatives has ACTUALLY acted on behalf of the American people... And I am shocked... it has ONLY taken 6 years for this to take place...
Let me preface this by saying that similar bills have passed, but with so many loopholes that it was like a floodgate, and Bush (our Super hero/villain - circle one) has vetoed time and again...


The House has passed a bill stopping all aid to Saudi Arabia because they are a government who has done nothing little to stop the support of terrorism from their country. In fact, Osama bin Laden is Saudi Royalty the son of a billionaire who has pull with the Royals (and OBL is exiled), and the 9/11 Hijackers were overwhelmingly Saudi... The people of the kingdom of Saud have been preaching hate and terror against the US for YEARS... and now we are finally, FINALLY taking some strong actions...

To most likely be vetoed AGAIN by our super-villain (?)

Well... with 14% approval rating, there is at least SOME hope that they are listening... very faint, and slow to action... but some hope...


  1. I hope it gets vetoed! This is a TERRIBLE idea!

    The bin-Laden isn't Saudi royalty, his father was an extremely rich oil-tycoon.

    The 2nd in command of al-Qai'da is Egyptian and most of the leaders in the group are Egyptian.

    al-Qai'da has the stated objective of overthrowing the Saudi Government. (bin Laden is still upset the Saudi's turned to the US and not his mujahideen after the invasion of Kuwait)

    Yes, the people of Saudi Arabia continue to fund terrorism in Israel, but if we are going to cut aide to all countries that hate Israel, we not only have to stop dealing with the Saudis and the entire Middle East... we have to stop dealing with most of Europe as well!

    And you know what will happen? Cutting support and aide will give moderate Muslims in the region yet ANOTHER reason to hate us.

    This is just the sort of reactionary, stupid, ignorant behavior we should have expected from the Democrat led House.

    This will never make it to the President's desk. Responsible Senate Republicans will kill it there.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that bin-Laden is EXILED from Saudi Arabia and that the Saudis have saved scores of American and western lives by killing terrorists in their country.

    They've also been steadfast in protecting oil shipments bought in advance by western countries.

  3. Yes, but Saudi Arabia is a country where the oil industry alone keeps the country funded... there is no real reason to provide aid to S.A... it is almost as crazy as providing financial support to France as part of our ongoing WWII rebuilding project... thus funding the laziness that Sarkozy is HOPEFULLY going to get rid of...

    Countries that do not need US tax $$$ should not get it... S.A. is one of those that fits the mold... and the impovershed people in that wealthy country are going to hate us no matter how much $$$ we give to the Royal Family... they don't see a penny of it anyway...

    Keep US money out of Saudi Arabia... reactionary or not... we can not buy the respect of the impovershed through paying the royalty...

    And, my bad... OBL is not Royalty, and is exiled, but that does not detract from his role in their society.

  4. You're missing the point. Yes, Saudi Arabia COULD take care of itself, but the aide is a goodwill gesture. As a result, Saudi school books are starting to become a little more moderate.

    The last thing we want to do is give millions of Arabs a reason to hate us. After all, Saudi Arabia chose the US instead of Al-Qai'da in 1991. I'm sure bin-Laden would listen to them if they wanted to talk things over.

    The Senate will not pass this legislation.

  5. I understand the point, and the history of the first gulf war... my problem is that the Saudi government is not doing enough for their own people. Hell, they are going so far as to outlaw the letter "X" because it too closely resembles a cross... Saudi Arabia has done an alright job, but they need to step up the education of their poorest folks, stop islamofascism from spreading it's message inside their borders (our $2.5M is supposed to be used for this) and move to a more moderate world partner...

    I know they do alright, but they stop short of earning MY respect. And so, I understand that the President will veto, I understand the futility of arguing with the House of Saud, and I understand the goodwill gesture... What we NEED to do is (as the congress is attempting) send a message that it is not enough.

    Perhaps that is the point that I was not quite making.