Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ooh Baby, baby, it's a wild world!

Reading the headline news stories today on Reuters had really got me thinking... what a crazy world this is in which we all live... Let me tell you what I saw:
  • Hugo Chavez says that he wants to rule Venezuela for life, while in the more civilized UK the Prime Minister Tony Blair has stepped down, handing his Powers to Gordon Brown (another very Pro-American).
  • Peaceful North Korea has allowed inspectors back into their nuclear facilities, while simultaniously firing a short range missile towards Japan as part of a "defense" test... (of course Japan has not had an army capable of offensive attacks since WWII)
  • Iranians are rioting over high gas prices and fuel rationing. Their $0.38/gallon gas prices are outrageous... (no wonder they are lighting gas stations on fire in protest... 38 cents... that is unheard of! Power to the People!... wait... did I say cents??? Ummm... I'll take 38 cents/gallon gas! Pretty Pretty Please!)
  • Waring nations Pakistan and India are left helping one another in a search for survivors as the region is hit with catastrophic early floods. (So it looks like it is alright to kill one another, but as soon as Nature steps in, all bets are off... time to save lives!)

Ultimately, what I am saying here is that the headlines did not make sense to me this morning... I am sure that they are always as jumbled as this, but today it struck me as odd...


  1. I'm somewhat of an expert on the India-Pakistan relationship. While there are still tensions, things have gotten much better after the Mumbai Train bombings almost a year ago.

  2. Yeah... definitely still tensions... and Kashmir is still a problem...

    Like I said, possibly oversimplifying the situation, the two waring nations put political differences aside to save one another from floodwaters... The headline just caught me... I am sure that citizen on citizen help is common, but government / political tensions are high...