Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You Say You Want a Revolution...

I was recently having a discussion with a fellow Douglas County Republican about the need for change here in America. The discussion followed the concerns with lack of leadership in our "leaders" and their inability and unwillingness to be vessels for change, and further went on to state that short of a Revolution we cannot achieve real change in America.

I made a statement that I want to share with you all. A country will find itself in a revolution when the general population cannot access food/water, cannot house itself, and cannot fuel itself (for the purposes of heating, transportation, cooking, etc).

In the United States, we find ourselves increasingly unable to secure housing... if foreclosures create a lack of housing, the market will crash or we will see people forced to fight for shelter.

In the United States, we find ourselves increasingly unable to access fuel. As the middle class is squeezed out of being able to afford fuel, we will find ourselves unable to travel to and from work, unable to conduct leisure activities, and unable to live life as we know it... all ingredients to social unrest. (Idle hands, and all)

In the United States, do to inflation and fuel costs, we are finding ourselves increasingly unable to afford food. The American people are not starving, by any means... however, as food begins to increase in price to the point where it becomes unattainable, we will fully be in revolution.

This trend is slowly taking place in America... but it is nothing that one slow growing season, or one tragic event cannot hasten. Food, Home, Power.

This theory is being tested in Egypt... They have no access to oil, and now no access to food... and deadly riots are following.

OPEC is failing to increase supply to lower the cost of fuel... the people of Egypt are starving, and resorting to murder in order to obtain a simple batch of bread.

Egypt is turning to the US, who gives $1 billion in aid a year to Egypt, and the UN's World Food Program.

A country that cannot feed itself, and cannot fuel itself, cannot defend itself... and as such, cannot be free.

The US is also at risk of such an end. If the US fails to recognize that out of control inflation, a sense of entitlement, and out of control oil prices are the three main enemies internally to the US, we will then fail to stop our citizens from resorting to breadlines run by the government.

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