Monday, January 4, 2010

WA State Dems - 2010: 'tis the Decade of Taxation!

Happy New Year to you, my faithful readers and likeminded freedom lovers! After a week and a half of recharging the ole batteries, I reconnect to the newsfeed to get more of the same: Democrats in Washington State want to raise taxes

Washington State Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire and her Democrat team of Flying Monkeys have run this state so far into the red that no 'gimmick' or federal bail-out is going to help them in 2010. Democrat special interests and big government spending have sunk the state deficit to $2.6 Billion through mid 2011.

Gregoire may not be up for re-election in '10, but her Democratic led State House will be placed into a tough spot in an election year - TAX INCREASES. We are not talking your run-of-the-mill Washington State Sales tax - We are talking the dirtiest of all taxes: State Income Tax - though a sales tax increase will be billed as the sensible alternative. In a state where sales tax already reaches into the 8.9% range, gas tax is pushing $0.40 per gallon, and businesses are taxed to death, one has to wonder why the Democrats, instead of cutting budget and living within fiscal restraint, figure that a recession is the perfect time to tax the people.

True to their nature, the Democrats have 'cut as much as we can cut' and are starting the legislative season selling the same old story of “gutting the education budget”, etc, to rally support for taxes – of course, think of the children. Liberal fear mongering at it's worst!

The reality of the matter is that this proposed tax is nothing more than our punishment for continually electing Democratic Majorities into the state house in Olympia. Time and again they spend beyond their means, and we are left footing a larger and larger bill. To what end?

Even if we see tax ‘cuts’ in certain areas as a way to appear ‘tax revenue neutral’, (other than the Billions they’re trying to overcome), there is no stopping the eliminated taxes from returning when Democrats spend us into another corner in the future – again I ask, TO WHAT END?

Instead of rolling up the sleeves and doing the dirty work, the easy answer is simply to take more money from the loyal subjects of the state of Washington. Unfortunately the trends are similar in every state and at the federal level: unrestrained spending, mortgaging the future for fruitless delusions. The Democrats understand nothing about sound fiscal judgment.

What is needed is a simple tax system, a series of protections against future spending and future tax increases, and a serious look at the regulatory structure of the State of Washington. We can get there by limiting government special welfare programs, consolidating regulatory agencies, and cutting the government size and payroll significantly. Cut the SIZE of the government to within the budgetary means, not increase revenue to feed the larger beast - What a Novel Concept!!

The leaders in our state, as well as our federal, governments should understand that economic and social prosperity comes not under the heavy burden of taxes and overregulation, rather under the encouragement of innovation and individual success. Another burdensome tax will merely deepen the underlying problem – Democratic State Spending!

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  1. Anchorage's new mayor (a Republican) just signed the first budget in 20-some years that's less expensive than the year before. Dems & progressives are screaming bloody murder because of all the cuts (fire dept., ambulance service, 200 city jobs, libraries) and accusing him of using "standard Republican scare tactics". This, on the heels of news that the city's budget is $26M in the hole.