Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Short Thoughts on Obama's State of the Union

We all knew to expect the Bush blaming. We all knew to expect him to attempt to pass off failures of his first year as Republican partisanship. We all knew that through his slick tongue would be harsh words for the opposition, and lies aimed at misleading many otherwise uninformed Americans.

Obama is exactly what we needed in a post-Bush era... namely because he embodies all that is wrong with the political make-up of this nation, and it forces the people to look at themselves and the decisions which they made - finally taking some time for introspection and personal responsibility in selecting their elected leaders. His broken promises and extreme leftist push for "fundamental change" in America have been a wake-up call to this nation that BIGGER government, MORE intrusion, MORE debt are NOT what this country wants, needs, or can afford.

Obama's speech promised fantastic miracles like spending our way out of trillions in debt. He charged that Democrats need to retake the hill and cease their retreat merely due to elections... that they were elected with an expectation of fundamental change - that 2010 elections and future power be damned - they should use all means necessary to pass his entire agenda - even being so bold as to hint at reconciliation.

What was most was his battle cry in the closing statement. That HE would not back down, that HE would not quit until HE has fulfilled his promise of absolute destruction of a free America - to be replaced with his Alinsky style radical leftist regime.

And to him, all members of congress on both sides of the aisle, and the many people across this land - WE will not back down. WE will not cease. WE will not stand by idly and allow the states to be eliminated, the sovereignty to be destroyed, and the liberty and individual freedom of every citizen to be handed over to an authoritarian regime.

You are but one. WE are the PEOPLE.


  1. Well said Steven. WE are the poeple, even in Massachusetts.

  2. Watching the SOTU address was painful, but I am glad I did it. I just about lost it when he singled out the Supreme Court justices. I expected everything else, but that caught me off guard.