Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Perverbial Terd in the Holiday Punchbowl

Healthcare. Obamacare. Socialistcare.

Call it what you will, but Nancy Pelosi's promise of a "Christmas Gift" is nothing short of the end of the Union of the States as we know it. If Pelosi's House leaves the bill untouched and rushes it through to a majority vote, the President will make light work with his pen and sign the largest take-over of the private sector in history into federal law.

Interestingly enough, there is still hope for those of us who refuse to live within the borders of a soviet regime. NULLIFICATION - a power not used by the states for roughly 180 years, since before the failed war for southern independence, but a power reserved by the states nonetheless.

Nullification, a tool allowing a state to restrict federal law within the sovereign borders of a certain state should a state determine that such a federal law is unconstitutional.

If a single state nullifies the healthcare law, you can be sure that a cascade of nullification will take place in suit - leading to a potential stand-off between the federal government and the states not seen since the rebellion of the 1860's.

Easy money would go to Texas or Alaska nullifying healthcare law first. If I had to guess I would say that the two governors are going to be jockeying for position as to who nullifies first. Of course it takes an act of the state houses as well, but the governors of each of the two "rebel" states have a lot of sway in light of recent events.

Assuming that one will follow the example of the other, you could expect to see a rapid succession of like minded states: Vermont, South Carolina, Idaho, Florida, Utah, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota... perhaps even Virginia... states with a rich tradition of anti-federal government and pro-state government roots.

IF, and I say if lightly, the states begin the nullification process, the United States will find itself in a constitutional crisis. If the states declare that they hold more power than the federal government, then the certain states will (or may) begin to nullify other ridiculous federal laws, triggering what could be described as secession from the Union. If the states begin picking away at the unconstitutional federal regulations, there is but one "court" to declare their move unlawful... the only court, as was proven by Lincoln's invasion of the southern states, is the court of open war.

This brings up a few very interesting questions:
1. Would certain states nullify the unconstitutional health bill?
2. If they do, will there be a succession of nullification?
3. If there is, is Obama willing to go to war with the states, like Lincoln, to "save the Union"?
4. If he would, what would that war look like?

Assuming questions 1-3 are answered with "yes", what would such a war look like?

Most every state has a federal military base, similar to South Carolina's Fort Sumter. If the stand-off escalated, one would assume that the states would request federal personnel to be removed from the sovereign territory of the state or states. This could be done by State Guard taking the military bases by force, or isolating them to force removal. Such an invasion/altercation would be used to justify aggression by NORCOM federal troops against civilian and military personnel of a given state... and the story plays out like the early days of the American Southern Rebellion in 1861. One would have to assume that there would be early assassination attempts on current state leaders to "cut off the head of the snake", placing the states under federal martial law, etc.

Of course this is speculation, but a logical look at a potential series of events to unfold in the very near future.

What IF Obama takes over the private healthcare system? What IF the states nullify? What IF it leads to the dissolution of the United States?

We are on the brink of something powerful - and in the history books a new chapter will be written.

God protect us all!


  1. Given the number of military families living off-base, locally-stationed troops would have to think twice before launching an assault on their home communities.

    No one really knows what percentage of troops would refuse to take arms against their fellow citizens, but they're still outnumbered - and they know it.

    Many, many Alaskans are ready to opt out already, and just waiting (impatiently) for a triggering event. We were among the first to refuse adoption of the Real ID, and our current legislature is no fan of Big Brother.

    This is going to be historic, and VERY interesting. I only pray that no one is killed over it, but I fear that ship may be pulling away from the dock already.

  2. It is extremely complex, considering the families. However, during the civil war, in my family alone I have found two instances where brothers left home to join forces on opposing sides of the war and met in battle a number of times in the western and southern campaigns (arkansas, texas). Human nature has a big role to play - so how soldiers will react will be telloing.

  3. My mother's family was similarly split - all my forebears on her side were Mormon coal miners in eastern Tennessee, except for her grandfather, who moved to Ohio & fought for the North during the war, and then on to Missouri, where he became a Baptist.

  4. Terrible times may indeed be ahead but for now i'd like to wish all a merry Christmas....right minded people should rejoice now and strengthen for the struggle ahead.

  5. Thud, yes.


    And a very Merry Christmas to all. Christ is Born in Bethlehem.