Monday, January 25, 2010


As the field of GOP candidates for Washington's US Senate seat settles around half a dozen dozen dutiful citizens, it is with enthusiasm that I endorse Craig Williams as THE candidate to unseat Patty Murray. His insight into the current economic woes are superior to any adversary, conservative or otherwise, and his plan for fixing the federal government's addiction to spending is simple and effective: target Congress for reform and fire for effect! Mr. Williams is the voice of the people, and he WILL bring the fight to the floor of the Capitol. In 2010 the states have one responsibility above all others, and that is hiring representatives who know how to tighten the purse strings. This union cannot survive insurmountable debt, and Craig Williams is the only candidate in this race who gets it AND has a plan to fix it! Stand with me, stand for fiscal restraint, and STAND WITH CRAIG WILLIAMS - Your next Senator from the Great State of Washington.

- Steven M. Nielson, Fmr. Secretary of the Douglas County Republican Party, Douglas Co. Colorado; Political Blogger, Citizen.

(*And remember - every dollar counts in an election, and every one matters! You don't have to live in the state to donate)

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