Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Close Eye on Texas Gov Race - Debate Thoughts

Current Governor Rick Perry went toe to toe with challengers Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and liberty minded Debra Medina tonight in a Governors Debate for the March 2010 election. After watching (and as I am currently watching as I write) my general feelings are as follows:

1. Rick Perry has his hands full against these two ladies. He has a decade of service in the state to answer for, has increased taxes and regulation, and has merely paid lip service to libertarian causes. He is being hit hard, and rightfully so, on misleading voters while acting in opposition to campaign promises. Not to mention there is a huge budget problem in the state... This could be why he has two challengers on the ticket.

2. Sen. Hutchinson is also at risk in this election due to her many years of service in the Senate. With congressional ratings being beyond unpopular, and Hutchinson's voting record showing ne'er a sign of leadership over party politics, it is no wonder she is taking some direct hits from Gov. Perry on her involvement in the current scandals of the Federal Government.

3. Debra Medina, the dark-horse underdog, is asking and answering questions like a Tea Party Candidate. Her answers echo the Liberty First/Anti-Authoritarian policies committed to on this blog and on the blogs of many of my followers. Her non-status-quo standing and underdog status makes her battle an uphill one, but while watching the back-and-forth between Perry and Hutchinson it is clear that they do not consider her a major candidate...which could be an advantage when the papers come out tomorrow reading "Underdog Steals the Show"

This debate, for me, has piqued interest in the dark-horse Candidate - Debra Medina. If what I say and support on this blog is to be attached to a candidate, I have to openly and honestly support Medina and candidates LIKE Medina. Her stance on immigration, drugs, taxes, and states sovereignty are what ALL governors should embrace.

Medina Closing Summary: We have a real opportunity to restore the pillars and principle of the founders, of state sovereignty, and of Texas independence per the state constitution with special council to the Federal Government.

Closing statements from Perry and Hutchinson were dismal, lifeless, and the run-of-the-mill "think of the children" responses you would expect from the same old gaggle.

If you want Texas to be led by a LIBERTY candidate, send Debra Medina a few of your tanking dollars... With a little bit of luck we can get a governor in this nation willing and able to stand up and take on the Federal Government the way only a governor can!

I am adding Debra Medina to my OFFICIALLY ENDORSED list!


  1. Ms. Medina sounds like the kind of candidate I'd support.

    Oh - and thank you for spelling "piqued" correctly.

  2. I've heard nothing but good things about her. Of course, she doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected.

  3. I enjoyed looking over your blog
    God bless you