Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown wins in MA, fills Kennedy's Seat

With 90% of MA precincts reporting, Scott Brown leads Democrat contender Coakley by 5% points, successfully defeating a liberal on home turf, eliminating the 60 seat filibuster-proof Democrat Senate, and handing Ted Kennedy's Senate seat to the GOP. The AP has called the race for State Senator Scott Brown - R.

This is a small victory in the nationwide effort to stop the further socialization of America - and merely the beginning in the effort to reverse the negative trends this nation has embraced over the past 150 years.

With Scott Brown's victory comes a great deal of responsibility. He has to stand up as a leader in the GOP, as a representative of the conservative movement, and usher in a new age in America - one where the citizen is valued over the government... one where private property and personal responsibility are championed... and one where government corruption, cronyism, and authoritarianism is not tolerated.

Bravo, Scott Brown - the new Junior Senator from the not-so Blue State of Massachusetts! You get two yellow Elephant thumbs up tonight!


  1. It is amazing how much of a difference a year makes. On Inauguration Day last year, liberals were giddily prancing about - all the while waxing poetic about the "end" of Republicans, the death of conservatism. They were only half right.

    For someone like Scott Brown to run as a conservative in the liberal Mecca of Massachusetts and take the state seat of the late Ted Kennedy is a clear indication that when the rubber met the road, a significant number of democrats and independents were experiencing buyers remorse at the vacuous nature of the President and his empty rhetoric.

    Let's face it: Barrack Obama beat John McCain because he ran on a campaign based on fiscal restraint and reducing government spending and waste. He convinced enough people that he would be more of a centrist and pragmatic leader than McCain, and they bought it. (Don't get me wrong - I thank God every day that McCain lost, but even a RINO like McCain would not have gone as far left as this...)

    I will never give Republicans the benefit of the doubt again, not after wasting their majority status before. This victory is a clear indication that conservatives need to stop hiding or accepting the status-quo as portrayed by the MSM...and tap into lifeblood that is at the heart of this nation - a God fearing, hard working, freedom loving people who want to live out their lives and seek their goals and fortunes with minimal hindrance and obstruction.

    The government is supposed to exist and serve the people, not be our rulers - and this past year has only been a tiny fraction of a taste of what it is like to live under a government that acts in diametric opposition to what a clear majority wants. I'll admit it has been scary to watch, and from the reaction of the people of Massachusetts, I have not been alone. Coakley in any other time would have won this election in a walk. Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod can try blaming this woman for her loss all they want, but losing Ted Kennedy's seat is even more embarrassing for The One than the lost Chicago Olympic bid fiasco.

  2. The first battle of the revolution, once again in Massachusetts, has been won by the good guys.