Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Council of Governors - Predicting a Constitutional Crisis?

In regards to the previous post - I find it extremely peculiar that no major news media outlet has picked up the story of the Council of Governors, the reason behind the grossly authoritarian dictum, and the implications it has on the country as a Constitutional Republic.

No questions are being asked, and no answers are being demanded.

A President is not going to make an Executive Order that has no purpose - so WHY are not even FOXNEWS asking WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE?

In reading other blog posts and the chat boards full of comments, many are suggesting that this is in line with the federal prediction of a constitutional crisis regarding the complete collapse of the dollar or the upcoming Massachusetts US Senate election coming up on next Tuesday, where it looks as if a Republican is going to win Ted Kennedy's seat (and the Senate may delay swearing him in until after the temporary replacement votes YEA on Healthcare).

IF the country ends up in a constitutional crisis, there are specific segments of the Exec Order that are more important - such as the State National Guard Troops (the organized state militias) now being under the authority of the President instead of the Governor of the states... like a private military run by the Council and NOT the Senate (who has constitutional authority over the federal army). Such a private army can be used, such as in China during the Tienanmen Square incident, where New York Guards may be called to deploy to deal with civil unrest in Texas or Alaska, where Texan or Alaskan Guard Troops may refuse to fight their neighbors...

The implications of such a consolidation of power mean only ONE thing, that the President is ready for some strategic maneuvers against the free citizens of the states.

Prove me wrong - leave me a comment with your predictions.


  1. The next crisis; economic, Jihadist, planned or otherwise will not go to waste under Obummer. Just listen to Eril Sothers plan for security in our nation--"Concentrate on racist white power groups with a Christian identity complex, anti-government and Pro-Life." The war on Muslim terror, however is "academically speaking" an unwinnable war on a strategy. This only shows the real danger facing us. BO and these thugs aren't worried about the fall elections. There may not be any under martial law.

  2. I cannot disagree - this seems an unprecedented move, with possibly dire outcome. The assumption that some troops would be affected by a crisis, whereas others wouldn't, leaves me puzzled. A crisis such as you describe would affect everyone. If the president doesn't trust his regular military, I can guarantee you from experience that they will know that, and won't trust him, either.

  3. Steve, you solicited my comment over on my blog. Thanks for alerting me to this. A death in the family has diverted my attention somewhat from keeping up with the news, and so I totally missed this one.

    Another troubling move by the Boy Wonder, no doubt, but I will need to dig into it some more. On the surface it looks like just one more Federal power grab disguised as some sort of "federalism" that merely solicits the counsel of state executives. But can we really believe that the Obamanoids are interested in real federalism?

    How will the states react to this EO? On what basis will Obama pick his pack of 10? How will this affect the goals of the Tea Party, Tenth Amedment and Secessionist movements? What will be the response of the militias that have been forming and will continue to form in response to all the angst generated by the economic crash and the Federal response to it?

    Once again, the resurrection of the Tenth Amendment is key here. Powers not delegated to the Feds are reserved by the States OR THE PEOPLE. It may be up to THE PEOPLE of the respective states to forcefully "just say no." I think Suzy Q put it well in her comment to the post below.

    I may post more once I get a better feel for what's going on with this EO. Once again, thanks for alerting me to it.

  4. Old Rebel chimes in: