Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Radical Take-Over of Media, Exposed Like Never Before

PJTV does it again, with an incredible shot - not simply over the bow, but directly into the main mast of the Corrupt and Radical Mainstream Media. This 10 minute video attacks the moonbats at MSNBC as well as exposes Walter Cronkite for his radical leftist views, and how they had a hand in shaping the Federal Authoritarian "One World" Nation we have become under Obama.

He stops short by supporting Fox News - However, I challenge that Fox is not better than the rest... For example - where was their outrage and extensive coverage of the Council of Governors scandal in the Obama Executive order of January 11th? NINE WHOLE DAYS LATER and not a peep out of the Fair and Balanced Fox-ers...

I say, TO HELL WITH 'EM ALL. Fox News may be the lesser of all the evils, but real truth tellers, like PJTV, and a little bit of truth seeking bloggers, mixed with a little individual research into facts - now THAT is the recipe for TRUTH in Journalism!

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  1. Whether the talking heads find the time to mention an item is irrelevant in that regard. If they talk about something, that's great, but there is no substitute for personal responsibility in all things, including researching the activities of the government.