Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forget HEALTHCARE - The GOP should block $1.9 Trillion Debt Limit Bump!

Just two days after the election of conservative Scott Brown to the "Kennedy Seat" in the Senate, the Senate is proposing something more harmful to the continued strength and sovereignty of the United States - an additional $1.9 TRILLION increase to the National Debt Limit... the FIFTH such increase in the previous two years. This increase will extend the allowable national debt to $14.3 Trillion and continue the unchecked and unstoppable federal government spending that is the ROOT CAUSE to ALL our problems currently plaguing us today!

Scott Brown, the RNC, and the entire Conservative and Independent delegation to the Senate should use all means necessary to draw attention to this issue, and make THIS the legacy of the Democratic leadership (as well as the Obama administration) - perpetual national debt.

IF, however, Senate republicans and independents vote in favor of this debt extension, it is case and point the reason that no matter WHO we elect, in a Kennedy seat or otherwise, the Federal Government has NO INTENTION of representing the people of this nation, nor of upholding the constitution...

Forget Healthcare... Forget Gitmo... and while you're at it, Forget any chance for the Federal Government to reign itself in under its own persuasion... UNLESS we can demand that the National Debt NOT be extended. This is the first test in restraint in the new age of (potential) congressional understanding...

For the sake of argument, the failure to extend the debt will mean that the US Treasury will default on its debt for the first time in history, causing the absolute collapse of the US dollar as an international standard currency, and sparking an undoubted fire sale of US Dollars on the foreign market bankrupting the Nation overnight.

I argue that this is not such a bad thing.

The US has REAL WEALTH right beneath our feat. Our natural reserves, forests, ore, etc are the foundation that made this nation prosperous - throw in a little good old fashioned ingenuity and you have more than you will ever need at your fingertips. The concept of passing debt on to future generations is in direct contradiction to the ideals of George Washington et Al. We should draw our nets up around our real wealth, minimize government while maximizing individual success and prosperity, and get this nation back on track as the torch bearer for liberty.


  1. We could easily obtain and develop our natural resources - if our "leaders" hadn't sold us out for political expediency.

  2. What is the limit to raising the limit? When does it really end?!

  3. Rev - I am sure that the right amount of tar and feather could convince them to reverse course!

    Wade - Unfortunately there IS no limit... and the interest on $14.3 Trillion - forget EVER lowering taxes... in fact, prepare for perpetual taxation!

    We need to cut of the festering limb to save what remains of our people... another 2 Trillion debt increase is NOT the answer...

  4. We definitely are drunk on borrowed money.

    I am worried that going cold turkey would injure us badly. Is there a short program of detox that everybody could agree to?

  5. "I argue that this is not such a bad thing."

    In a *sane* political environment, I would agree....but we don't live in one. The insanity liberals perpetuate by capitulating all manner of common sense with regards to environmental issues never ceases to astound me.

    I submit to everyone here that liberals in power are so beholden to the kook fringe of environmental eco-vegans that they would *rather economically cripple this country* than live in it after reality has exposed their entire agenda as impractical and nonsensical. They will *never* willingly agree or want to tap into America's natural energy supplies because energy independence is good for the country and will only make America stronger. That's why they are so eager to throw money at wind and solar, because they know that inefficiency and the impracticality brought about by high maintenance, low returns and high costs will act as an economic sink hole that will not even yield a ROI that justified any of the hundreds of billions that would be lost in the boondoggle. There is a reason why T. Boone Pickens backed away from his wind plan.

    Liberals have long wanted to take this nation's economic power down a few notches so as to put us on a high tax, low growth path that was on par with what Europe has burdened themselves with for decades. Such economic stupidity inevitably leads to socialist statist rule - which is what they want.

    Look at these people - they loose Ted Kennedy's seat - held by that cockroach for over four decades in the liberal Mecca of the United States - to a conservative no less - and their reaction? Full speed ahead and "what's another $1,900,000,000,000 to the debt?"

    If any of you think these parasite can be reasoned with or will listen to protests, you are fooling yourselves. These people believe we are fodder for their cannons and mindless masses to be commanded. They will no listen to reason, because if this is their response after the Massachusetts election - then they don't give a rat's ass about anything that matters to the people. They've made it all to obvious.

  6. Thought-provoking. I linked you on today's blog post. How Do We Get The Debt/Deficit Under Control?

  7. This is one of two major issues this next week. The other is getting Bernanke's conformation blocked.