Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Liberty Republican Turns 500, Approaches 3rd Anniversary

Starting the new year (and the new decade) with all the energy one man can muster, the Liberty Republican is further charged with two great milestones - 500 blog posts and nearly 3 years of blogging.

This being my official 500th Blog post, let me take a moment to reflect on the community and discourse that has grown and changed over my 500 articles. All of my articles have been heartfelt; they have been either personal, political, or spiritual in a way that only a blogger can fully understand. This blog has become a sounding board for my political platform, providing priceless direction from alliances, commenters, and the occasional old rebel! It has given me voice and community when local institutions failed, and has encouraged my level of political involvement by way of strengthening my core values and understanding of our constitutional republic (that what it once was!). The shared thoughts and ideas, the professional relationships, and the friendships - they have all aided in the continued identity of Steven M Nielson - Political Blogger. For your involvement, I thank you.

As I move forward with this blog it is important to understand the direction in which I am going. Like any intellectual, it is wise to know that the ship must be free to change course during her journey. As such, this blog that began as "Conservative Issues, Conservative Guy", changed into "The New Conservative" in order to better define intent and to appeal to a wider audience. As the political tide changed, and I watched as the Republican Party self destructed under the leadership of neo-conservative war mongers, and the country with it, it was for the preservation of my political integrity to change the name to "The Liberty Republican" - one who no longer watches curiously from the sidelines, rather one who takes the wheel and rights the listing ship.

Will I always be the Liberty Republican - perhaps. However, it is my hope that the word "liberty" becomes a repetition as the Republican Party returns to core values of individual freedom and personal liberty/responsibility. What a joy that day will be when I can simply state that I am a Republican, and know that it means something worthy of announcing out loud.

In the mean time, I will march triumphantly beyond my 500th post, chin up, face into the sun, and sleeves rolled up high - ready to take the fight to the traitorous slobs who are destroying this country's economy, liberty, and historical standing. Hell, I'll do it clinging to my guns and my god, charging my battle flag to the top of capitol hill if I have to!

Thank you for tuning in. Here is to another 500 posts, and continued success as Free People!

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  1. Happy milestone, sir. Thank you for standing up for what's right.