Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GOP/FoxNews Needs to Back Off Harry Reid over Race Comments

Let's lay all our cards on the table here - a Democrat can say something 'racially questionable' and be absolved, and a Republican will be burned at the stake. This is common knowledge, common practice, and is generally an unfair double standard. The GOP needs to accept it and MOVE ON.

Playing the race card works well when you're a Democrat - because the leadership of the minority group in question (and I use the term leadership loosely) is in bed with the Dems, can slam the party of the 'other' race for being 'un-them', and should you yourself make a blatantly racist comment you get the pass because the leadership 'know that in his heart he really didn't mean it'...

As a Republican it is much harder to play said card, namely for the reason unfolding before us. He makes the statement, the black leadership gives him the pass, and they move on... meanwhile we are left yelling 'Ohh, Ooh, but he's really a racist', and 'if we said it you would be all over us!'

What is going to happen is that the GOP and FoxNews are going to look ridiculous as they try and create a scandal in a community that could care less if Reid came out and dropped an N-bomb... he has the backing of the leadership, and will most likely be flanked by black leaders for the remainder of his re-election campaign. The scandal blowback will divert attention away from the TRILLION other reasons NOT to re-elect Reid, and the SOB will be re-elected as part of an anti-racist / anti-GOP revival.

The story broke, it was a drop in the racial bucket, and the Dems out-circled the wagons of the GOP and FoxNews. Any further headline about the issue is merely going to seem like childish "but... but... but..." arguments.

Get the election out of the gutter. Stop the attempted scandal mudslinging. Let's do something novel in 2010 - let's beat the pants of the socialist elite on Merit alone!

We have the right on our side for 2010... let's not muddy the waters with non-scandals.


  1. You are looking at this from the perspective that conservatives are somehow trying to use this as a wedge issue to convince blacks to finally look at liberals for the racism they have always carried. This, however, is not the case.

    Conservatives have always known that democrats by a significantly high margin do not actually care about race. That is evidenced by their willingness to overlook their own party's blatantly segregationist and outright racist history. The issue is (and has always been) on how democrats have politicized race in an effort to silence the largest voting block in the country, which is conservative white males of European decent. Racial politics is only about silencing opposition through fear and intimidation by making issues about race when they are anything but that. It has never been about improving race relations or making the lives of blacks and other ethnic Americans better.

    The reason why conservatives are keeping this an issue goes beyond the obvious double-standards liberals have on the matter of race. We are keeping this going precisely because we are NOT trying to reach out to blacks (that, in my opinion - is a lost cause). No, we are doing this because the longer this remains an issue, the more conservative republicans, conservative democrats and right-leaning libertarians - who are overwhelmingly white - will see that they do NOT have to live in fear of being called a racist or the hemped up loons who foment that discord.

    Whenever liberals have brought up the issue of race to attack whites or conservative blacks and Hispanics, they have done so by an onslaught of frenzied media attention and an endless cacophony of fake outrage, and whites - after being on the negative end of such negativity or witnessing it - became reactionary and passive. Why do you ask?


  2. We now live in a country now where the United States Attorney General Eric Holder - a black man - can cast a net across the whole country and accuse us of being "a nation of cowards" for having the nerve to go home at the end of the day to our predominantly white neighborhoods, keep to ourselves and NOT talk about race.

    He gets away with it.

    We now live in a country where a racist like Sonia Sotomayor can have a history of being a member of a racist organization (La Raza), say something expressly racist on the record about her qualifications being better than a typical white male...and in return effeminate, gutless, guilt-ridden pasty-white liberals will grovel at her feet and toss her salad live on National TV just to prove to everyone at how "non-racist" they are...because after all - even if she is a racist - who are they to stand in the way of the first Hispanic to ever be a Supreme Court justice?

    She gets away with it.

    We now live in a country where a collection of law-abiding citizens can gather in huge numbers all over the country and peacefully voice our protests at the size and power of government and what it means for the future of America (Tea Parties), and they are immediately slammed with blanket accusations of being racists, sexist hicks, Nazis and bigots by liberals all over the media - just because a majority of the people showing up at these parties are white.

    Liberals get away with it across the board.

    The only reason that any of this silly nonsense has EVER been possible is because of the fear and intimidation that whites have allowed liberals to exorcise over our thoughts, actions and expressions. We have allowed them to use this political wedge to such an extent that even when rules or laws are broken, justice denied, innocent people baselessly accused and rights trampled on - we do nothing...because nobody wants to be accessed of being a racist themselves. Hell, we can't so much as criticize our President for even his obvious mistakes without moonbats screaming about racism. These are the people we're supposed to be intimidated by? We shouldn't be.

    To all conservatives of all colors and stripes, I say - let them call you a racist, and when they do - you stand up for yourselves and tell them to shove it back up their race-baiting candy asses in front of everybody...because regardless of what you believe, how law abiding you are or how honorably you live your life - they are going to call you a racist or a sellout anyway. You can be sure that when you do stand up for yourselves, the people who often are the most vocal and accusatory will demonstrate their true spineless nature when they suddenly realize that you don't back down as usual. That is the only thing they are counting on, and I have no intention of living that way. Not any more.