Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why America is Faltering - a (very) Short Essay

The founding of this country came at a time when the "science of politics" was entering a period of enlightenment. The great political philosophers had established the foundation for our a group of brave subjects to declare their Natural Right to free determination, setting into motion the greatest experiment in the history of civilization - a true new world order... where man would govern himself. A truly radical idea staring centuries of authoritarianism in the face, all based on the simple concept that every man possessed certain inalienable rights, Natural Rights, bestowed upon him at his creation.

The realization of personal wealth, personal significance, and the moral obligations associated with self determination led to the drafting of some of the most profound documents - our founding documents. They exist as a written testimony to Natural Laws, the existence of a Divine, and the proper relationship between the people and their government... this last being some of the most profound realizations of all - that it is only through the consent of the people that a government exists... comprehending the political establishment during that time, this concept was truly radical.

It is the absence of the understanding of these Natural Laws, the absence of the consent, and our loss of the Divine that have allowed the moral fiber of the nation to erode. The absence of education regarding our place - as leaders of our self and our communities - as the power GIVERS, rather than the ruled. We, as a society, have lost our way on this journey of liberty. It is up to those who know to educate, to propagate freedom, and to participate as visibly as one possibly can... lest we be the last generation of free men.

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  1. If we fail, our great-grandchildren will have to rediscover and fight to regain the truths that were so "self-evident" 234 years ago.