Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama's Olympian Failure - CNN in Shock

h/t to Gateway Pundit for linking the video showing CNN reporters in absolute disbelief and utter shock when they hear the live results that Chicago is eliminated from the 2016 Olympic Bid in the first round of voting, despite Obama's multi-million dollar taxpayer expense trip to Copenhagen. Watch this clip.

The CNN reporter, upon hearing that Chicago was eliminated in the first round whispered "Chicago is out..." then followed it with repeating a shocked Question "Chicago is OUT??? Chicago is OUT?!?!?!"... "Wait a minute... Chicago is OUT???!!!???"

The absolute disbelief as CNN prepared to celebrate a victory for Obama (as was evidence by the "countdown clock") is telling of the most likely realization that Obama is not the great leader of the world that the media has propped him up to be... The Times Online nailing the sentiment exactly with the headline "Obama’s Olympic failure will only add to doubts about his presidency"
Wolf Blitzer can then be heard stating that this is an "unbelievable development" and reported on an "audible gasp"...

These were the audible gasps and unbelievable realization that Obama is not the great Messiah. In taking this as his personal pet project, his credibility as "Persuader In Chief" was placed on the line, and he failed on the world stage... America didn't fail - OBAMA FAILED. He made a major miscalculation regarding his influence over the world. The media had the same miscalculation, and this is why they are so shocked.

Obama and CNN's early celebration was cut short with a vote of no confidence, a virtual bitch slap on the world stage...DOWN GOES FRAZIER! as one commenter wrote. Not just that Obama and Chicago lost the Olympic bid, but that they were taken out in the first round - THAT is the slap, that is the shock, that is the complete message of disrespect by the world audience. Obama is cheered around the world because he apologizes for America... the left and the media just learned that being like does not mean being respected.

Doubts about Obama's presidency? Having spent nearly his first year in office as an ineffective prompter puppet, has anyone had anything BUT doubts?

Obama gets an EPIC FAIL on this one!


  1. A savvy politician would NEVER have hitched his star to such a regional cause. But of course, no one has accused Obama of that.

    Comparing this event to Ali's knock-down of Frazier: PRICELESS.

  2. Dear Leader is such a tool. He thinks anyone gives a rats ass when he, that ugly woman he's married to and Oprah Winfrey sweep into town? He's just another corrupt politician - and a weak one at that with absolutely not credibility anywhere but a few liberal enclaves in the US. Overseas, he's viewed as a buffoon. The Olympic bid is but one more example of his ego at work.

  3. There is no redeemable spin that can be placed on this disaster. Look at the following possibilities:

    - If the President went through with his personal pitch for Chicago because he had been given personal assurances that it was a done deal, then this decision on the part of the Olympic committee was orchestrated - purely and deliberately fabricated for the express purpose of humiliating him. That means that he is perceived as weak and has earned no respect, which undermines the entire premise of his campaign which portrayed him as a world uniter who would bring respect to America..

    - If the President did this not knowing whether or not his pitch was guaranteed to succeed, it means that he and his advisers are monumentally stupid - naive and incapable of appreciating the depth of damage that this fiasco would have on his image, credibility, stature and respect before the world.

    - If the President was compelled to take this personal risk because he was under pressure from Mayor Daley, then it demonstrates that he does not appreciate the nature and importance of his office because he is willing to risk the credibility of both the office and himself in an effort to ensure political payback for favors he took during his tenure in the corrupt Chicago political machine.

    - If the President volunteered himself of his own accord because he truly believed in the hype surrounding his mythical ability to persuade and charm people simply by the nature of his campaigns' fabricated image, then it demonstrates a level of naivete, hubris and megalomania that makes former President Clinton's ego look like a mere shadow in comparison.

  4. Can he hire Ayers to rewrite his history after his presidency is over?