Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Michigan Congressman blasts Healthcare - oldie but relevant

This video is from July, but it is coming to my attention today. Listen to the 4 minute blast this Michigan Congressman gives the health care proposals... listen carefully, then DONATE to this man. We need to identify the congressmen who "get it", like Joe Wilson, and support their campaigns, as well as candidates who are contesting ultra-liberal democrats across the nation.

Re-emphasizing what Rep Rogers says, the Congress is attempting to "give up" on American innovation... this is the best description I have heard to date on the ongoing struggle. And he clearly points out that this declared failure of the American innovator is THE CLEAR CHOICE OF DEMOCRATS... go get 'em, Rep Rogers!

h/t to West Sound Politics for linking the video, and to the 4.3 Million viewers on YouTube who have already seen this video and passed it on! We cannot all watch C-SPAN all of the time, so these videos are sometimes slow to spread... but the message needs to be heard.

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