Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Moment of Special Thanks

Being a small time blogger is no small time job. I spend a lot of time and energy putting my thoughts to pen (or computer, as it were). I rarely am "PC", often am pushing the limits, and lay my true and honest opinions on the line. I cover a wide range of topics from Space Exploration and Space Sciences to Native American Political issues (care of the lakotah). I offer an honest conservative/libertarian take on issues of the day, or issues of my interest. I push micro lending and the US constitution. I am diverse, controversial at times, and rebellious.

I enjoy writing this blog, and I enjoy more that folks are reading and engaging in a discussion. it is this discussion that molds the minds of our political thinkers.

Special thanks go out to those who continually read and openly comment. Your names can be found in any number of my posts. Thanks for keeping me engaged!

And a very special thanks to the hundred or so readers from around the world who read and browse past articles to read some more on a daily basis. Google Analytics helps me track traffic on my site, and identifies length of stay, new visitors, locations of visitors, how you were directed etc... Very big brother, but it helps me identify and target my readership with special stories, and in this case, special thanks!

So, to my anonymous readers, I will provide a list of cities/regions that hosts my readership - in no order or preference - just a random thanks to my most loyal anonymous readers by city/location:

Fresno California - Thank you Birthplace of my Mother!
San Francisco California - Thank you Golden Gate City!
Mentone California - Thank you Gateway to Vegas, Baby!
Weed California - Thank You Shasta Region!
Fort Worth Texas - Thank you to a VERY loyal reader in the Lone Star State! Ave. Time on Site 22 Minutes! I hope my writing isn't putting you to sleep! :) THANKS for reading!
Colorado Springs Colorado - Thank You city of the Garden of the Gods! Is this you Jonesie?
Englewood Colorado - Thanks Denver Metro... I miss my Rocky Mountain High!
Raleigh North Carolina - Thank you City of Oaks!
Annandale Virginia - Thank you Beltway! I've been to Springfield many times!
Nixa Missouri - Thank you to the Heart of the USA!
Bremerton Washington - Thank you Puget Sound Region - It is good to be home!
Anchorage Alaska - Big thanks to the "State" of Alaska - I say put it to a vote!

Honorable Mention to International readers in Japan, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and India. Thank you, Dōmo arigatō, Gracias, Merci, Shukran, Bhala Hove !

Please keep reading, I will keep writing. If you have a story you want me to give an opinion on, local or otherwise, please feel free to contact me and let me know... I am more than happy to have someone give me ideas and inspiration for stories!

To the 3262 visitors from 70 countries on this beautiful planet of ours who took time to visit or revisit my site last month, most humbly and honestly, Thank You!


  1. On behalf of everyone in Virginia you are welcome.

  2. Candle - you sure you're qualified to speak on behalf of ALL of virginia? :) j/k

    Thanks for making the conversation interesting!

  3. The Liberty Republican is clearly the finest, edgiest and most interesting blog of all the blogs that are currently advertised under the banner of The Rocky Mountain Alliance 2.0.

    If only the People's Press Collective would start hosting you. (Wink, wink, nod, nod, "Know what I mean"?)

    Thanks to your uncompromising defense of liberty, states rights and the original American political vision, Steven. And to your championing of the Native American cause as well.

    And no, Colorado Springs is not me. I'm in the hills o'erlooking SW Denver. (Look for the SPLC to put me on their Colorado "Hate Map" at some point in the future. They know exactly where I live, and I keep begging them to do so, but so far all they've done is delete my comments from the "Hatewatch" blog. But I'll get through to them eventually. A couple more negative comments about the ADL ought to do it.)

    The Colorado Confederatarian

  4. Thank you for all you do - I enjoy your posts and your perspective on current events.

    A big salute to you from this Alaskan. And that vote may not be far off...

  5. Jonesie - I'm not sure that the PPC would have me...

    Regarding the ADL... on second thought, I'll save it for later :)

  6. Rev - One can hope that we see a vote in short order... I think I know how it would go, and I think it may be a good thing!

  7. I love your blog. Girly comment from a girl. I do, though. I read it whenever I notice an update and then I post a link to my facebook where all my really smart friends read it too. We especially enjoyed the Moon post. Highly entertaining. So YAY for Missouri. I am actually in Ozark, but we're talking minutes away from Nixa. I hope you stay motivated to keep blogging, because I really really like it. :)

  8. On behlaf of the birthplace of your mother, thank you!

    Fresno is first on your list!! We're first for a lot of things, but most of which is not good. But, this is a great place to live.

  9. Pixie - Hello to you and all your friends! Thanks for reading, and for correcting me! Analytics tracks your hits as Nixa - so your IP must be routed through NIXA. Either way, what beutiful hills and forests you have in that part of the state... I bet it is beautiful this time of year!

    I am totally motivated, especially after my relocation to WA. There is much to talk about... but this one was all about YOU GUYS! My readers! It is nice to reach other intellectuals on a range of issues and engaging in challenging conversation.

    Richard - Thanks for Reading! I've driven through Fresno and actually raced in a triathlon about 50 miles outside of Fresno in Los Banos. Beautiful country out there! Sorry to see Arnold selling your state up the river!


  11. :) LOL! surely you haven't been identified :)

  12. Steven, do you have Sitemeter? The info is much MORE specific, bordering on stalking. Opens up vistas of new information...