Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feel Good Thursday - Why wait 'til Friday

In an effort to better enjoy life, while seeking to understand existence on a deeper level, I have recently made a personal pledge of "happiness". This pledge is aimed not only at making me feel better, but actually to be a better person. The rules are simple -

1. Try to smile more
2. Look people in their eyes when talking to them
3. Make a conscious effort to think a happy thought at least five times a
day - about the freshness after a rain, the chill in the air, the color of the
leaves, the wind in your face, my daughter's smile... something happy.
4. Make a conscious effort to "project positive energy" at least once a day. Think
of it like a rock dropping into a pond. Envision yourself as the rock, and the
waves spreading out are that positive energy... anyone caught in your "wave" of
energy may just have picked up on that positive thought/energy and may have a
better day in return.
I took a few days off over the last week from blogging because of this. I wanted to restructure free from outside events... and am now more able to incorporate the bombardment of negative information with some positive thoughts. It has been a great week as a result.

Whether you choose to give it a try or not, at least stay positive and enjoy some feel good energy from me to you by way of a few songs!

This one should fill your heart:

This one should make you smile:

This one should get your feet tapping:

Love is the purest of energies... share it!


  1. Inspired by your recent post... Meant to mention! Thanks for positive words today!