Thursday, October 1, 2009

If You Go Carrying Pictures of Chairman Mao…

October 1st, 1949, sixty years ago on this day, Mao Zedong declared victory in the Chinese Civil War where the Communists backed by the USSR defeated the Nationalists backed by the USA. The war and following awakening cost more human lives than both World Wars combined… somewhere between 26 and 72 million. The communist regime of China is the number one violator of human rights in modern times, is a growing threat to regional neighbors like Nepal and Taiwan, is currently in border disputes with Pakistan and India, and has been occupying Tibet for decades.

So let’s celebrate the accomplishment of the Communist Regime, their Liberation from liberty, and do it in the Capitalist Center of the World… New York City.

The unfortunate side effect of living in a country where freedom of speech is protected, you are subject to moronic ideas and illogic on a daily basis. If the Empire State Building wants to celebrate Communist Revolution, so be it… I will use the lighting not as a celebration of the Red Chinese, rather as a memorial reminder of the millions of souls murdered and starved to death by the Chinese. I will use it as an opportunity to remind my readers of the forced abortions and strict rules regulating basic rights on life. I will use it as a reminder that the United States continues to sell national interests of a “free” nation to the Communist regime – who is using that profit to build an army and navy capable of attacking the United States in a way that the Soviets never could.

Go ahead and light your building, NYC.

So much for the shiny beacon on the hill!

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