Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Pelosi: $900 Billion is still $900 Billion TOO MUCH

Dear Madam Speaker -

Your celebration of an $871 Billion Public Option Healthcare Plan, a difference of a mere $29 Billion from the Proposed Obama Public Option Plan, is not only premature but grossly misplaced.

The United States Government needs to be issued a cease and desist order on deficit spending. You would do well to drop your continued push for government expansion into the area of healthcare and begin a plan of actual merit and benefit to the American people. A few suggestions would include a constitutional amendment limiting the term of legislators - what a bold and courageous move that would be. Perhaps an amendment supporting a balanced US budget - this would be a stark contrast to your misguided objectives of increased government spending.

Ms. Pelosi, it has come to the attention of the American people that Congress has become ineffective in all aspects of operation other than the blatant waste of taxpayer money and the increased reduction of American liberties.

Perhaps we would do well to point out that no actual coverage under a Public Option or government health plan will actually take place until sometime 4-5 years down the road. In the mean time the public will be left increasingly taxed and no better off than they are today... in fact they will be worse off because many health providers will choose to leave their profession in order to escape tyrannical government control.

Your lust for power and permanence is clear, it is disturbingly sickening, and it has no place in American Politics. In good faith to the American People you should respectfully resign your seat as Speaker of the House and take up the cause of fixing your past wrong doings - first and foremost by supporting a limited term constitutional amendment. This is real legislation that the American People can support... maybe you should too.

With all due respect,

Steven M Nielson
The Liberty Republican

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